Sunday, March 18, 2018

What's in Our Easter Baskets: 2018 Edition

I have to admit that I'm usually a last minute, up super late the night before a holiday, sort of mom.

But this year I actually got 99% of my shopping done early (which I'm extremely thankful for now that the entire family has been laid low with strep and I'm typing this curled up in bed wearing an adult size little mermaid fleece sleeper that may or may not have been intended to be used as a Halloween costume), and I actually put the eggs and baskets together last week during a quiet moment while the kids were playing quietly.

And while 80% of their baskets came from Dollar Tree this year, I was so excited to find a mermaid tail Easter basket at Five Below.  Maggie hasn't seen it yet, but I'm hoping she loves it!

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