Saturday, March 17, 2018

My Drugstore Makeup Routine

This post wasn't quite planned.  I planned on taking the camera in with me during the day in the life post that I did, and then this section stretched on and on, but when I watched it I didn't want to edit it heavily to make it fit in a minute or less.

And there was a post on A Catholic Mom's Life where she was getting ready one morning and I happened to get the notification for it when I was getting ready and it was fun watching it while I was doing my makeup.

So while this post wasn't quite planned, if it was inspired by anyone it was inspired by how much I liked that post.

I definitely cannot claim to be a makeup expert.  Not even close.  I was the girl in college whose friends were always trying to teach me to do makeup, and sighing over the hopelessness of the situation as we cruised the aisles of Sephora.

And there are plenty of days that I don't wear makeup.  But there are quite a few days when I do.  And most of my makeup is from CVS, Target, and Amazon, with affordable and sale, being key factors that I look for when I choose makeup.  Maybe someday that will change, but at the moment necessity dictates my makeup choices and I'm pretty happy with them.

So for anyone who's curious, this is my morning makeup routine, followed by my one minute hair routine.

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