Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Scarlet Fever?

This not-so little video is kind of like all of the updates rolled into one.

The best part (I think) was when the kids convinced me between appointments to let them get out of the car for a little bit to walk around in the icy cold at a park (they really, really needed to get some wiggles out and after 48 hours on antibiotics Sadie was no longer contagious).

I went in for another ultrasound (not for my gallbladder) and I talk about that and the biopsy my doctor ordered.

We get a call from Urgent Care with a test result that came in for Sadie.

And Tessie ends up getting pretty sick, but is pretty lucky that her big sister got sick first, so that the doctor knew exactly what she needed.

And I get a call from the gastroenterologist's office with a date for an appointment that is... not so near.


  1. I’m always interested in the doings of your family, but I’m finding that the vlog format, though informative and charming, just tak3s too much time to view on a regular basis. Any way you could do a brief summary as well? Not just of the topics you’re going to cover on the vlog, but the upshot of medical investigations, etc? I feel as though I’m losing touch with the thread. Help!


    1. Unfortunately I think I'm just generally transitioning over to vlogs, in general, as the blog had been slowly petering out over the last year, and right now I enjoy making them a lot more while I'm trying to focus my writing more on non-blogging writing. I keep promising myself I'm going to write some blog posts, but with everything being as busy as it is, whenever I sit down to write I find myself at a loss for words (that apparently I don't have when I'm talking yet). It's kind of a tough balance for me... because I'm trying to grow my Youtube page more as a business to help support the family (the channels can be monetized once they're over a certain number of subscribers and minutes viewed), more than I've ever really tried to grow the blog. I've given it so much thought and I'm still not quite sure what to do (and I'm sorry!). It's something I've been going around and around with in my head these past two months, and I'm hoping it gets clearer as it goes on.

  2. I understand. I didn’t realize the connection with YouTube.

    1. Thank you for being understanding. The one good thing is that while I know we've had a hectic schedule lately and a ton of medical updates, I don't expect there to be more than one, or maybe two a month in the future. And I'll make them super obvious (like genetics update or autism update) so that people who want to just follow those don't miss those updates.


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