Friday, March 23, 2018

Shark Bite

I let the boys do another toy review today, mostly because we found this toy marked way down at Toys R' Us, although truth be told, marked way down at Toys R' Us is the same price it is all the time on Amazon (insert affiliate link disclaimer here, which means if you use that link and buy something I get a small fee, which I'm incredibly thankful for!).

It was a game they had seen played that they really wanted to try and I'm always looking to slowly expand our collection of games for family fun night and so we ended up bringing it home and today everyone felt well enough to play (although I feel like my eyes still look red from across the room... because they do) so we gave it a try.

And you guys, it was fun.  Like I had fun playing it with them.

I mean I like haven't been out of the house in over two week because Strep and Pink Eye and everything else, so maybe that's shading How Much fun it was, but still.  It was a lot of fun.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed watching them play it (and playing for a minute when they insisted I try). A lot of kid games just aren't that fun or don't work that well or break easily and quickly.  But we had fun playing several rounds of Shark Bite and the boys loved it.

As far as preschooler games go I would highly recommend this one.

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