Monday, May 21, 2018

Watching the Royal Wedding

I've been so busy moving all Sadie's belongings up to flights of stairs for the last four days and all of Paul and my belongings down to flights of stairs (in between all the drop offs and picks ups and meetings and appointments that still exist) that at night I haven't been able to keep my eyes open to edit videos for hours or do anything to actually get a vlog out after I get everything else done that needs to be done for the next day.

But last night I managed to piece together a video and this morning I made the thumb nail (while James sat next to be and offered not so constructive criticism about how he thought it should six am...) and so this morning I have a rare early morning video.

We had so much fun watching the Royal Wedding with the kids. Even Tessie had fun wearing a little tiara for a little bit and bouncing around her play pen.

But I think my favorite part is this offers a little glimpse into how busy even the relaxed moments in our house actually look.  And Maggie didn't even choose to join the watch party.

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