Thursday, May 17, 2018

Well That Went Badly...

This video is 1:20 seconds long.

I sigh each time I watch it. Sometimes I laugh too.

Patch watched it and said "MOMMY?  WHY ARE YOU SO SLOW?!?!?"

James said "That happened."

Yes thank you James.

Basically I was moving a bookshelf, because we are switching the master bedroom with Sadie's bedroom (which is truly the master in this house) and I didn't realize that the big bookshelf had begun to lean on it... despite all the braces I'd put on it...

A while back I'd asked Paul to take it onto the wall... but it never happened and it was braced by the bed and other bookshelf... until that bookshelf moved.

And. Well. I had been filming because I was going to do one of those sped up cleaning sequences and I'm thankful that I was. Because that's the only reason I laughed after it happened.  I was already picturing it in slow motion.

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