Monday, July 9, 2018

Caroline's Cart and a Mini Monday Morning Rant

I still have a belated Sunday blog post in the works (we're packing for a big trip and I did five loads of laundry last night and collapsed unable to basically even type last night, but there will be a blog post as soon as things settle down, I promise) but I made this on Friday to auto post this morning and it is possibly my favorite video ever.

Pretty much because I feel like it has an important message tucked into a mini rant in it.

I've seen people use these cart to carry there purses and because they're easier to push than the kid carts with kids literally jumping off them to play tag and run in circles around the cart.

I know that there are invisible disabilities.

But if you have a group of kids who aren't using the harness running in circles around the cart while mom is five feet away talking on the phone... I'm taking a deep breath as I type this... possibly leave the cart for someone who desperately needs it to survive shopping (and yes I literally have seen both the purse scenario for a college girl and the tag scenario as reasons why I have not gotten to use the cart).  That harness is important. People need it and the seat.

And now I'll jump off my soap box to share this video with you:


  1. I was so excited the 1st time I saw the Caroline carts at Target, my sister is severly handicapped and if she was not wheelchair bound they cart would be great for her. The Target's that I have been into in Las Vegas have the carts secured, requiring you to ask a team member to unlock the cart for you. You might try speaking to the manager at the Target you frequent about doing something similar. I think it help discourage people who don't need the cart from using it just because it looks cool.

  2. Sure could have used this years ago. My son is now 28, 6'1" and 250 pounds. (They grow). Saw one at our Target this week and even though we can't use it, I'm so pleased.

    1. LOL, that they do. My daughter is 5' 11" but when she was young and quite the eloper, it would have been wonderful!


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