Tuesday, July 3, 2018

This, That, and an Almost Birthday

It's been a busy couple of days and while I only missed posting I apparently have some catching up to do here.

First off, tomorrow is Maggie's birthday, which meant today we did our little "say goodbye to 7" celebration (a Sadie made tradition).

It was also the first day of the summer horse term.

Maggie was very happy to see the horse that she rides, Jack.

The first thirty seconds of this video may be some of my all time favorite moments in any video because in it I tell Maggie that we're going to do what she asked for her birthday (she had told me she wanted to go to water slides and I wasn't sure if they were open) and I was able to catch her reaction on camera. While subtle the expression on her face in unmistakably joyful:

It took me a long time to put this into words, but after six months of thinking about what I was going to say and how to express the thoughts bouncing around in my head I finally made this on minute and forty second video.

And then I watched it eighty times while editing it trying to make it perfect. It isn't perfect but I am happy with it.

And lastly here is a video from a very hot, very imperfect Sunday.

Don't worry, that isn't what I wore to Mass (I was sweltering in a sweater that you never see because I took it off the moment I lugged the three rule breakers out to the car).

It was a tough day. On the upside Paul decided to take some time off lawyering to moonlight as a comedian.

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