Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday Updates: Week 10

I have a serious case of writer's block right now, mostly because I have nothing new to tell you.

Nothing new has happened.

I'm still waiting for news about those blood tests from the other kids.

I'm wishing I'd asked if they were testing the other kids to find out if they had the mutations that Tessie and I have for osteocondromas and I'm wishing I'd never googled that word then clicked over to images (don't do it). 

I'm guessing that he would have (is that why there were three vials of blood for each kid?) but I completely forgot to ask. 

Or maybe not. I really don't know. Maybe they are just looking at the one most important thing first before we think about anything else.

I also wish I'd asked "about how long." But of course I didn't. 

If you can't tell I basically have a one track mind right now.  It's almost impossible not to. 

So much has happened and yet it feels like everything is happening too slowly. 

I mean I know it's all going as a fast as it can. But still. Slowly. 

Anyways I will update when I know more, or at least know something (or when my brain finally works to write about something else!).

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