Saturday, June 20, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday


The last few days have been up and down.  The first day after I burned my feet was the worst, but it seemed like things were slowly improving after that.  And then about three days ago (a week after the burns happened) the pain started to get worse.  Then it started to look, without going into details, pretty horrible.  

An amazing group of ladies made sure that I went to the doctor today.

I fully expected the doctor to tell me that nothing was wrong and that when burns heal it hurts and that's that.

I did not expect the PA at the clinic (who told me she specializes in emergency medicine) to gasp, ask repeatedly if I was sure that they didn't give me anything to put on it or for the pain, tell me that she usually only sees wounds like these on soldiers and bring the other medical people in the building in to look at the burns while repeating "and this is ten days in."

It actually made me feel a little better since I've been feeling like a big wimp every time I'd start to limp in the afternoon these last few days.  

After realizing I'm allergic to Silverdine (becaue I'm super allergic to Sulfa) she prescribed an ointment that is used on patients with MRSA and staff infections and sent me on my way.

And as I lay here next to James I'm feeling somewhat less wimpy... and I'm hoping the Mupirocin helps everything heal!


When I got home Maggie was furious with me.  

Well, actually I didn't immediately know that she was furious with me.  First I thought she was in pain or having a major moment of sensory overload.

I got her dressed for bed and picked her up and carried her upstairs, but she was still in full meltdown mode. 

As she sobbed and screamed I suddenly realized that there was a certain cadence to the sounds and as I lay next to her the words became clear:  "Why go Ma?  Why go Ma?  Why go Ma?"

"I had to go to the doctor, baby."  I said and I saw her eyes widen for a moment and she fell silent.  Then she started to cry again.

"Baby, I had to go.  I went to see the doctor.  My feet are hurt.  The doctor said that I need medicine.  So I went to the doctor and they sent me to get medicine so that my feet would get better."  She stopped crying and looked at me with a very serious expression. "I'm sorry you were worried.  I'll always come back for you when I'm gone.  I always come back.  I just had to see the doctor and get medicine."  

And with that the meltdown was over and she rolled over and went to bed, while I just about burst with excitement over the fact that she used the word "why" in a sentence.

Abstract question words are huge!  


I've realized, because I wear a Fitbit I got for my birthday, that "staying off my feet" (which I felt like I'd been doing a pretty good job of) apparently means taking between three and four thousand steps a day.

Which, I guess, doesn't really count as "staying off my feet."  

Then again, I'm not sure how realistic those instructions were when I spend my days surrounded by these little bunnies.  


I also came across Maggie singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider.  It was pretty great:


Tomorrow is Sadie's last day as a six year old.

That fact keeps surprising me.

But not nearly as much as the fact that Maggie is going to be five in two weeks.  

I'm not even sure how that happened.


I've realized that all I need to do to get Maggie to wear a new dress now is have matching tights.

She loves matching her tights to her dresses.

I'm not sure if matching tights trump matching shoes (of course the shoes have to compliment the dress and the tights too) but it's pretty close.

Actually I'm pretty sure the tights win everything, because if she could she'd probably wear just tights half the time because tights are just about her favorite thing in the world right now.  


I'm pretty sure that Patch's two favorite things about California are the tractors and the frogs.

And I think the tractors are winning since he's not particularly good at actually catching frogs.  


  1. i am so happy that miss maggie is using the word "why"! having a kiddo with speech issues on the spectrum makes me so appreciative of little things like that.

  2. I remember one time when I was around 4 or 5 when my mom and dad went to a wedding reception without us kids and left us with my aunt for the evening. I'm sure they got home around 10:30 pm or so, but I remember being so very upset without my mom home, I didn't sleep. I can still remember my joy when they walked in the door! Poor Mae.

    And Patch with frogs and tractors: typical boy. I am sure he is having the time of his life, especially because Grumpa is showing him everything!

  3. Staying off one's feet is impossible as a mom, I've decided. #3 has given me some awful varicose veins, but the first two aren't so good at letting Mama rest without getting into trouble. Even with the help your parents can give, I can imagine how hard it is to sit and rest! Because no one is quite like Mama is.


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