Thursday, June 25, 2015

{phfr} Sword Fight and Cuddles Edition


I just love this picture of Maggie and James.  

Maggie is absolutely enchanted with her littlest brother.  

Patch is her playmate and sometimes I wonder if having the two of them together is kind of like having twins.  They're in very similar places developmentally (who's ahead in spoken language seems to go back and forth depending on the day) and they're very funny together.

But James gets Mae's unwavering attention and affection throughout many of his waking hours.  


Patch brings me my phone and asks that I take our picture together, so these were captured when I agreed to capture a few snapshots. 

He's such a ham and is constantly saying "cheese" whenever he sees anything that looks vaguely like a camera.  


I found these swords in the dollar section at Target and after the little mermaid and dinosaur bags they were the biggest hit at the birthday party.

The porch has been the scene of many sword fights since they arrived.  

Even young James was enlisted in their adventures (or at least managed to swipe a sword for a few moments).


As you may know if you live on the west coast, we're in the midst of a bit of a heat wave.  On Friday the news says it's going to be around 113 degrees.  

Which I would say is miserable, except I'm still really appreciating the fact that the heat here is dry, and so when I've been sitting outside in triple digit heat it hasn't felt all that bad.  I'm sure when it climbs over 110 though that will change, as it always does.

James, our littlest Michigander, is not a fan of the heat and this afternoon I found that he'd managed to wiggle over to a vent and was sitting next to it feeling the cool air blow on his hands:

Pretty good for such a little guy.

And now he's sound asleep after another long day of playing hard on the porch.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your reflections on your children's relationships. My oldest absolutely loves my youngest and, as you described, the few hours during the day that he is awake, (he's 3 months) are usually spent looking at his big brother. I often ponder what their relationship will be like when they grow up especially because my sisters and I are so close.
    Sweet photos!
    Hope you get some relief from the heat soon!

  2. James, I'm totally with you, kid. :D I hate the heat, too!


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