Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Name That Baby!

James is eight months old and is growing like a weed.  He's decided he loves to eat and bananas are his food of choice.  In fact I've learned not to come between him and his bananas, even if he can't possibly still be hungry because he can always eat more bananas.  

This month I actually realized that it was the 13th (on the 13th) and realized how old James was in months without having to count on my fingers (victory!).  

So here's my monthly baby match up!  I keep changing my mind about who he looks like!


  1. Is it? Top row/left to right: Mae & then James. Bottom row/left to right: Patch & then Sadie. The girls are making me second guess myself. But, I'm pretty sure those are Mae's big pretty Doe eyes in the top left.

  2. Never easy to guess someone else's kids from baby pictures. Like when they do them for celebrities, I am poor at it, but I read your blog so...upper left Mae, lower right Sadie; the boys are harder, but I am going to guess Upper Right James and Lower Left Patch.

    How did I do?

    I think it is marvelous that you do this sort of picture taking for your kids. Mine are all haphazard, hit and miss, and not really anything organized.

    1. You got it! And if it weren't for Facebook I would never be able to find the pictures to put these together. I keep going back to old albums and downloading pictures to make these! Otherwise they'd all be on different disks and computers!

  3. Clockwise from top left: Maggie, James, Sadie and Patch?


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