Friday, June 12, 2015

{phfr} The Incredible Climbing Girl and Other Summer Time Adventures

Since I sat down to write this post there's been a whirlwind of activity in the house.  Actually I hadn't even opened the window to this post when things got wild.  What I had done was sit down and order Maggie an Angel Sense GPS.

In the time it took me to order the GPS Maggie climbed up six feet to the top of a linen closet where she had apparently spied the device we use to open locked doors in the house.

You see, Maggie can't be trusted in bathrooms by herself.  She'll eat an entire tube of toothpaste and paint her hair with Vaseline and send her two toy whales swimming in the toilet.

It's just a bad situation.  So my parents' bedroom, which leads to the master bath (and where the cats take refuge), and the guest bathroom are both locked, with the push button door locks.

To unlock them my dad put together a "key" that's basically a thin four inch piece of metal on a wooden handle that you can insert into the little pin hole opening to unlock the doors.  It's not super easy to do, but it's not all that difficult either.

The key was hidden in the top of the linen closet.

I came upstairs to get ready for the day, to order the GPS and to maybe write a quick post when I heard my mom yell for help.  And help was sorely needed, since she was holding James and had discovered that Maggie had not only climbed up into the linen closet but had used the key she'd retrieved to unlock the master bedroom door so that she could go through my suitcase (which we stashed in the bedroom to fend off her clothes sorting little hands), terrorize the cats and turn on every facet that her little hands could reach when she got to the bathroom (that would be all of them).

James was screaming, Patch had taken the opportunity to run across the bedroom, steal the remote and sit in Grumpa's chair... and chaos reigned.

Now that things are back under control I'll do what I actually planned on doing this morning and show you a few of the more relaxing moments of our summer trip to California so far.  I'm hoping that our adventures (at least of the eloping sort) are at an end, while the fun is just beginning:


This is our home for the summer.

For those of you who haven't been around since the blog started, we lived in a little cabin on this property when we first got married and when we had Sadie and we moved to town a month before Maggie was born.


I love the country summer we're having!

That's Maggie driving the tractor with Grumpa!


Maggie is missing Daddy, but this picture that she drew made everyone smile!


James has been working really hard but he still can't quite push up off of his stomach or sit up by himself.

He is a voracious eater, and I've finally mastered feeding a baby that can't sit up in a high chair just yet by holding him in a sitting position with my left arm while I feed him.  

He's as happy as can be though and he has mastered rolling like a little log to get to the toys that he wants.  

Also I can walk with a cane now (and can limp around without one too, but with is much easier) which is much better than I even imagined was possible at this point when I woke up two days ago!  

 For more pretty, happy, funny, real head over to Like Mother, Like Daughter!  

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  1. I am very glad you decided to get a GPS for her. That way if, may the Lord prevent it, she gets out again you will at least be running like a maniac in the correct direction right off. I cannot imagine the terror, or maybe a can considering I had a nightmare four hours into my sleep last night that ended all sleep for me for the entire night. Have you considered applying for an assistance dog? The photos are lovely. They make me feel impatient to get up to the mountains myself. :)


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