Sunday, September 22, 2019

Words, Lines, And Who Needs Sleep?

I mentioned on Facebook that Tessie had gone from "happened" to her first sentence of "I want cheese." The next day she said "go play." And today it was "okay" to everything.

She's also babbling non stop now, little nonsense sounds, which is great, because it was a developmental step that needed to happen, and it's finally happening! 

This morning I woke to find she had carefully arranged a collection of her favorite My Little Ponies on the edge of her bed and she was sitting in the bed staring at them to see if they looked just right.

And of course because she had been the one to arrange them, they did.

Apparently we're missing Rarity.

On Friday night she partied all night long.

It was like exhaustion didn't exist. Sleep was something her body just didn't need, despite not having a nap all day long. She played in her room, insisting that the lights stay on while she played with her ponies and ran back and forth across the room.

And then 9 am rolled along and she was furious with me when it was time to go out and run errands because she was ready to go to sleep.

Had I no decency? It was finally bedtime?

As a result of my insistence that she get up and come with us, she slept very well last night.

In other news, today is our 13th anniversary!

The kids spent the morning looking at an album of wedding pictures and debating whether or not we had kissed on our wedding day with huge amounts of giggles.

And what a 13 years it has been. Happy Anniversary Paul!


Meanwhile in all things video... Maggie had an amazing Sunday. She did so well at Mass. She had so much fun on the swing at Nani and Bopa's house. It was just a very good day.

And I made a video of my cleaning routine. It was fun trying to make a silly thumbnail.

And lastly the most interesting things I read about in this weeks autism news including a study where they found that girls on the spectrum have structural differences in their brains while boys don't. I thought that was super interesting!

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  1. Thank you for your updates!!! So excited for Tessie and all of you. A language explosion!


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