Friday, July 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes: It's Almost Time for the Bar!!! Edition

The bar exam is almost here.  Hold on while I hyperventilate a while about that.

You'd think I was the one taking it, right? 

It probably doesn't help that Paul called last night with a migraine/cold/flu/some sort of bug that always, always, always hits our family the week before midterms/finals/any important exam.

So prayers please?  Lots and lots of prayers that he does awesome on the bar and is feeling better right this very second? 

Because I would really, really, really appreciate it!
Oh the nights have been long. 

While Maggie has adjusted in every other way to our trip west, she has wildly resisted the time change.  She'll happily go to bed at her regular bedtime...  she just insists that morning is still morning at 3 am and that it's time for everyone to get up.

We may have made it through last night (I guess we'll never know) if a certain 20 month old baby brother hadn't decided to exercise his lungs at 11:30 pm, waking everyone in the house with antics. 

However I was very impressed with Mae as I got her back to sleep.  She sang and hummed to herself for somewhere around an hour until she was finally quiet and I was able to slip back out to my bed, tiptoeing and hoping I wouldn't hear a sign that she hadn't really drifted off to her dreams.

The above is likely why I fell asleep a little after 6:30 pm last night.  Because without sewing to do I haven't been staying up until all hours and while it was a surprisingly early bedtime I was really, really thankful for it during from 11:30-1:45 when I was getting babies back to sleep!

Also... finding a favorite sleeping place has been a little bit of a challenge...

Do you know that when I first heard about Edel and also heard that it happened to be this weekend, spack-dab right next to the bar I still tried with all my might to think of a way, any way, that I could possibly be there (ask Paul how amusing that was).  Even though monetarily even without the bar it would be pretty much impossible (not to mention that it would be virtually impossibly even if it were an all expenses paid trip because me-minus the two littlest ones just doesn't work these days... not yet at least...). 


One of these days... maybe...

Which is why I need to focus really, really hard on being thankful that we're in California right now and I'm getting to sleep and that the bar really truly should finally be over in less than a week!

Also, this circled over right above us yesterday and then dipped down and picked up
water about 100 yards away.  I'm pretty sure it was the high point of the trip for the little ones!

Now for something totally random.

I have been trying to pay the registration on our car in Michigan for months and months. 

And they said they needed to see the title.  And I was sure I had the title, except that I couldn't find it anywhere. 

So we went through a big process trying to get the title from the state of Florida and then Florida came back and said, "oh we're sorry, we have no record of that car existing at all" at which point I really started to wonder about the shadiness of the used car lot we brought it from (which was pretty shady as it was... but was one of the only ones with vans in our price range).  And I tried not to think "Come on Florida!!!  I paid registration to you!  You took my money!  You sent us a little registration sticker!  How can you say this car doesn't exist?!?!"

Finally...finally... the local tax assessor's office finds our information and tells Paul that they didn't have a valid address for us so they shredded the title (um, again, you sent us registration paperwork, took our money and sent the little sticker back) and that it's not a problem, they'll send the title to us now in Michigan if I send them my Michigan driver's license.  Which I did.  And we finally have a title to register the car with.  And it only took this side of forever to get done.

"Cabrini"... a van that has made it far, far further than we could have
guessed when we bought it.

This is the life.

It only took a week to convince her that outside wasn't so bad.  Even if the central air doesn't extend this far.  Also, she's watching about thirty humming birds swarm a single feeder.  When she got up and walked around the side of the porch, two of them followed her:

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  1. I'll definitely be saying prayers for Paul; I have a feeling he'll do very well.

    I understand about getting sick before any important event - our family does that, too. DD#2 had bronchitis for her high school graduation, and missed her own baby shower due to a stomach virus. My poor husband woke up with a stomach virus the day that same daughter graduated with her audiology doctorate this May and missed everything. I invariably was ill any time there was something fun or important scheduled while growing up. Believe me, we understand. ;) I hope he feels better very soon.

    God bless!


  2. Your cousin Casey will be doing the water drops in a blackhawk if there are fires in El Paso. He will be the one hanging out the door directing the pilot (he is crew chief) on lowering the bird and dipping the bucket then instructing where to drop. They've already practiced out in the desert. Cool huh?

  3. Don't worry about the bar. Just pray to St. Anthony. I don't know if you have 9 days, but you could do a novena, or at least part of one. St. Anthony was a huge help to my brother during law school, and my brother passed the bar on the first try. I'm sure Paul will do well too, but I'll pray each day for him.
    Hope your time with your mom and dad is very relaxing, and a good change of scenes for you. I hope you at least get some naps in while the kids are playing and your mom and dad can watch them.
    Very exciting about the helicopter. Is there a wild fire nearby they are working on that they picked up water?
    God bless. ~ Bonnie

  4. Prayers. Keep us posted! (Considering how studious and dedicated your husband is though, I’m sure he has got this!) :)


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