Monday, July 28, 2014


Last night was a long night with Patch and Maggie waking up and spending a good portion of the night not sleeping.  Not unexpectedly, today was a tough day for both of them. 

This evening I stopped Mae from sprinting outside in her sleeper to play in the still triple digit heat on the front porch.  As I brought her back in, explaining that we were done playing outside for the day, she burst into tears and laid by the front door sobbing.  She wanted nothing to do with me and wouldn't be comforted, but I paused to watch as I saw Patch charge across the room and stop next to her.

He bent over first and looked at her and then took his little hands and put them under her arms as if he was trying to pick her up in his arms.  She immediately stopped crying and looked at him.  I waited, almost holding my breath. 

Mae gets mad at Paul and Sadie and I but so far Patch is pretty much her baby who can do no wrong.  She might get annoyed with him and walk away, but I've never seen her get angry at him.  Still, coming over and putting his face near hers during a meltdown made me nervous and so I lingered nearby, peeking around the corner to watch. 

He bent over and put his arm around her and patted her on the back and gave her a little squeeze and she lay, suddenly quiet, catching her breath.  Then he got up and walked away, stopped halfway across the room and turned around and walked back over and put his arm around her to give her one last hug before going back to doing whatever he was doing before she made her dash outside into the heat. 

A little before bedtime she was exhausted and so I tucked her in early.  Patch charged into the room to check on her and then screamed for a solid three minutes because he didn't want to leave her alone in her room.  I finally brought him downstairs and got him ready for bed to distract him from the fact that she was already in bed. 

And now they are both soundly sleeping... and I'm hoping they make up for last night by returning to their at home routine and sleeping soundly through the night!

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  1. Awwww! I hope my girls have the kind of understanding of one another that your Mae and Patch have when Eleanor gets a bit older : )


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