Thursday, July 31, 2014

{phfr}: California Trip Edition

Little Miss Mae has finally decided that she loves being outside.  She went from outright refusal, to reluctantly accompanying us out on the porch to play to seeing me holding her bathing suit and racing over to change.  It's one of our little victories for the trip that's made me so happy.


These are a few of my favorite moments from the last week.

Sadie has hosted daily tea parties and on this particular day Patch was invited... although he wasn't quite big enough for his own tea cup... but he didn't seem to mind!

Patch is also a major fan of playing peek a boo at the moment.  And pretending to sneeze.  Especially if someone is around to say "bless you."

Did I mention that Maggie found some roller skates (that are hers but that no one seemed interested in) and put them on by herself and started skating around the house... and then around the porch.  I also caught her attempting to go down the slide in them and upstairs in her bed wearing them.  I'm watching them very, very closely these days since it seems that she could get into all sorts of trouble with them on her little feet!
Large motor skills are definitely a strength with this little one:

So my kids do this thing where one of them squeals and then another one squeals and then they all squeal together while laughing hysterically.  I didn't get Mae in this picture but this was one particularly noisy morning earlier this week when Patch started off a chorus of squealing that he thought was particularly hilarious:
Here are the pirate ballerina princesses playing Pirate-Ballerina-Princess together on top of the pirate ship:

As a younger brother with two older sisters who pretty much refuse to wear anything that isn't pink (or sometimes purple) Patch finds that most of the stuff around the house is pink.  Like these glasses he stumbled across:
This Dora backpack:
And especially this pink hat that he swiped from Mae when she was done wearing it around the house:
However he did seem to appreciate it when I found one of Grumpa's hats and handed it too him (you should have seen how fast he let tossed the pink one aside when he saw that I was offering him a hat that belonged to his grandpa. 

And since he seems to be the first of our kids that will actually wear sun glasses I found this pair on sale for $3.99 at CVS.  I expected him to break them in about ten seconds, but they're "flex" glasses and they can pretty much stretch out to lay flat without breaking... which is very important since they'd have snapped in three pieces if they didn't bend like that:
That's our week in pictures.  For more {phfr} head over to Like Mother, Like Daughter!


  1. I love the "Pirate-Ballerina-Princess" play! That is too funny. I love how kids see no discrepancies between being a pirate and being a princess. Doesn't matter. :-)
    And you really got me with the photo of Patrick wearing the sunglasses. Talk about Joe Cool!
    And Maggie looks so adorable; so happy and just having a ball.
    Hope all is going well and the time away is restful. And I hope Paul is happy with the results of the bar.
    Well, 99% of Law School is OV-AH!
    Congratulations for surviving being the supporting spouse in that ordeal. An unsung hero!
    God bless. ~ Bonnie


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