Thursday, July 10, 2014


Today's pictures are brought to you by the fact that we spent a lot of time outside this past weekend, probably because I felt like potty training was going to kill me after realizing that turning my back for even a second could lead to quite a bit of clean up (and let me say that I am totally not the one pushing this... but that someone thinks they're big enough to not need help...  and thus we have the potential for disaster...).  

In an attempt to sit down for more than sixty consecutive seconds we spent most of Saturday in the backyard.  


After spending the morning swimming a certain someone was adamant that they wouldn't be going back in the water.  And so I spent the day with my little Frozen princess hiding in the shade, thankful that it was one of the cooler days we've had in the last few weeks:


The thing that makes Patch happiest when we're out in the yard?  Dragging his "tools" (plastic rake, shovel, that sort of thing) around from place to place and rearranging them.  Still, sometimes he manages to take a break from moving things here and there to play with his boats:


Since Mae's OT was cancelled for the week I think this pretty much counts as the next best thing.  Almost, at least!


And then Patch demonstrated some of the ways that a little brother can try to intentionally annoy his big sister.  Especially after he realizes that she doesn't want his muddy little feet and hands anywhere near her princess dress:

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