Thursday, November 13, 2014

One Month: Our Little Grumpasaurus

Today James is one month old and so I thought I'd start the day by looking back over the next month... and it turns out that it's a review in James' mastery of looking as grumpy as he possibly can in almost every picture.  Here are the highlights:

When James was born and we were spending a rather lengthy afternoon in recovery, I remember noticing the way his little mouth was formed in a perfect little frown.  He hadn't yet begun perfecting the look of grumpy suspicion that he aims at the world around him, but already the beginnings of it were there that first day in the shape of his little mouth as I encouraged him to nurse:

The next day when the photographer from the hospital came to snap pictures, it was still there... only maybe a little grumpier this time:

By the time we got home James was mastering the art of looking perpetually grumpy.  Even when his sister brought him a flower.

In his sleep he was grumpy (okay, this one is one of his less grumpy pictures but still I can see that slightly furrowed brow and down turned lips!):

And especially upon waking:

At the doctor's office to discuss possible allergies and reflux he turned the grumpy look on me while we waited for the doctor (I think the grumpiness might have quite a bit to do with the reflux... I'm hoping saying goodbye to dairy makes him feel less grumpy, although I'll be a little sad if he stops making grumpy faces at me altogether because he looks so cute when he makes them!):

And at home while cuddling he took a break from nursing to let me know that he was still feeling pretty grumpy about the world:

More and more I can't help but thinking of him as my little Grumpasaurus Rex... who looks like he's ready to be turned into a meme...

Even when the house is quiet and his siblings are in bed... grumpy:

In his bassinet in the kitchen, helping me cook... still grumpy:

I've seen a little smile flicker across his face in his sleep, so I think those social smiles are on their way... but when he's awake it's not quite there yet (unless your Daddy.  Daddy claims to have gotten several smiles... and I know he's smiled at least once at Sadie!).  

Happy one month birthday to our little Grumpasaurus!

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