Thursday, December 28, 2017

Maggie and the Holiday Break that She Wished Wasn't

Maggie's internal clock is fantastic.  She knows which day of the week it is every day. And she knows which activity she has on any given day of the week.  

If it's Saturday she knows, without being told, that it's Saturday and that she's going to ride horses.  When she wakes up in the morning she tells me "riding lessons.  Horse back riding lessons?" And than looks at me expectantly until I confirm. 

If it's Monday she knows that it's Monday and not only that it's Monday, she also knows if it's one of the two Monday's a month that her class takes a field trip to go to swim lessons at another school.  

She knows which therapist she has on Monday and Wednesday and which she has on Friday, which is rather impressive considering she has at least sixteen amazing people who work with her regularly.  

Every single Sunday when she wakes up she asks "Mass, Jesus, doughnuts?" 

So I should not have been surprised, despite my explanations of "holidays" and "no school" and "Christmas break" when she walked up to me seconds after the presents were opened on Christmas morning.

She wouldn't have been going to school as it was.  She was sick, and we had six inches of fresh snow and it was coming down hard, and it wasn't expected to stop, except for a brief break some hours later in the day.  We were snowed in with our two wheel drive van.

"Bus?" She asked expectantly.  "School bus, please? Lunch, please? Backpack, please? Jacket, please?"

I began my explanation of the holiday again and as you can see, it was convincing.

She wore her jacket, for the next ten hours.  At six, when she was certain she wasn't going anywhere, she took it off.  

The next morning we had the same conversation (along with a conversation about her locker, and class).  She wore her backpack and jacket all day.

And again yesterday.  Which is when I texted one of her amazing therapists.  

She texted back.  Maggie does still have a couple nights a week of therapy during break. 

And last night was one of those nights.  

And so it was that she came home with this social story, which we will be reading this morning.  

I love it.  And I love Miss K, who quickly came up with it and put it together for her.

Maggie is so smart.  I'm really hoping it helps.

And I love that she loves school this much.


  1. AWESOME!!! You handle all you handle with such grace and have such amazing people helping you. That is a great book.

    1. Having such an amazing team makes life run so much more smoothly. I can't imagine what it would be like without them.


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