Monday, December 18, 2017

The Kid that Never Napped

James stopped napping when he was sixteen months old.

I remember discussing it with his physical therapist, and with the early interventionist who came to work with him.  "When did he stop napping?" she asked.  I remember thinking hard.  "Oh, when he was sixteen months old.  Exactly sixteen months old.  When he weaned.  After that naps were a thing of that past unless I was holding him and the second I set him down he was awake."

But I couldn't hold him forever, or even for all that long, because by then I was gigantically pregnant with Tessie.  

And so he had a nearly two year hiatus from naps where the only time he really napped was when he was in his car seat.  

All of the sudden he has decided to make up for it. 

Every time I turn around, he's asleep.  

On the couch.  In the big bed.  In the car.  On the floor.   

Here there and everywhere, James is a champion napper.

I guess this means he's figured out how to self sooth.

And I'm thrilled.


  1. I truly love your header. So much joyful energy pictured there.

    Mine typically stopped napping before age two. Except the second to youngest who can and will nap anywhere, anytime, and the youngest who, if given a quiet place at 11am will nap but if you miss that she won't usually.

    My mother says I stopped napping at age two, and would spend a couple hours on the hobby horse instead. I'm still rather horse nutty, and our one family pet is a pony. I'm not supposed to ride, so I have a pony too small for my weight, but just big enough that if I stick to the way of eating my doctors want me on, I might actually lose enough weight to ride him.

    So glad he learned to nap. Life is so much easier when they are not so tired.

    1. Thanks! I had so much fun making it! I went through so many child clip art clips on Etsy before I found five that I thought actually sort of looked like our kids.

      I love the image of spending a couple hours on a hobby horse instead of a nap!


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