Friday, March 25, 2011

A Big Day with Big News!

I got a bit distracted last night, first by the combox, then by the dress that I'm sewing (yay! So far so good!) and finally by a two year old who was determined to stay awake (around midnight!). I was determined to be productive however, once the migraine painkillers finally kicked in, but my to-do list was just too long!

I'm back though and have some great news!

First, the Maggie news! Maggie, took a break from learning to walk yesterday and said her first word. Now, whenever she doesn't have my full attention and wants me she can squeal and say "Mama!" and she was delighted to find that it works in capturing everyone's attention!

Now for the other news! No it's not that kind of news (the rumors have already started in our own town as people wait for "that kind" of news!)! It's law school news!

A while back I conducted a poll, which is still in the sidebar to the right. Catholic University topped the poll with 21% of the votes, Saint Louis University came in second with 15%, Ave Maria was at 13% in third place and Boston College was in fourth place with 10%. While we haven't heard back from all the colleges Paul applied to yet, we've heard back from the majority.

The decision isn't official yet (since we're still waiting on a few schools) but my favorite little school in South West Florida sent us a letter yesterday doubling the scholarship that they offered Paul! He had been offered a larger scholarship from another law school and so he had asked that it be matched and they actually beat the other offer (definitely worth it to try to negotiate scholarships for law schools!)!

So I'm very excited about this news! This made my day!


  1. Awww that's great! LOL about the rumours... sorry though. We get em too...

  2. Congratulations! But----- it's so far away -- that's the mom and grandma part of me speaking. I pray for God's will and that you guys will know His will.


  3. Congratulations to Paul; it seems that he will have some choices to make!

    While I certainly understand your affinity for "the little law school in SW Florida", please look very dispassionately at his options. There are some red flags surrounding A.M. that should figure in the decision.

    It was the ONLY law school in the U.S. to fail the U.S. Department of Education's financial responsibility test. You may wish to research further just what that means.

    The cost of student housing at A.M. is apparently pricey, as is the cost of living in/near Naples generally (though coming from your current location, that might be relative.)

    It is currently considered a tier 4 law school; while some of that is most likely a result of prejudice against a "traditional" Catholic law school, it is still an important factor when job-hunting time comes around.

    Though I graduated from Boston College (undergrad), even I wouldn't suggest he go to B.C. Law, outstanding school though it is, as it would be a terrible fit, sadly.

    I voted for Catholic Univ. in the poll. I am not sure whether you mentioned if Paul was strictly pursuing canon law, or a traditional law school degree; in either area, CU is widely respected (its Columbus School of Law is Tier 1.) Paul would have no problems job-hunting, as there is a well-established network of graduates. Not yet the case with A.M.

    I do know a couple of Ave Maria Law School grads, a brother and sister, both of whom passed this state's bar on the first try; they are, however, both working with their dad, and didn't have to sell anyone on their credentials.

    My prayers, congratulations and best wishes; this is one huge decision, and one in which one's heart must not rule one's head, as the stakes are too high for Paul's - and your whole family's - future.


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