Wednesday, March 16, 2011

They Just Won't Sleep!

If Maggie took a bottle I would have thought someone had poured sugar and caffeine into it. Since she doesn't I have no idea what was going on last night. I do know, however, that she and her sister had us parents beat.

Sadie woke up with a scream at 10 pm and in the fifteen seconds it took me to get to the baby room Maggie had joined in the ruckus. So I scooped up Maggie and settled down at the edge of Sadie's bed. Sadie, however, decided pretty quickly that she wanted to be in the big bed and when she realized the answer was no, it was too early, the screaming recommenced. Daddy tried to help, but this was one of those nights where everyone wants Mommy's lap and no one thinks there's enough room for anyone else on it.

I did get them both settled down. Maggie even fell back asleep. But I could see Sadie's little eyes staring at me, waiting for me to try and move. In a desperate move to get Maggie into her crib I whispered: "Maggie's asleep now. Should I put her down in her crib?" In a reasonable voice Sadie said "Yes!" I thought maybe, just maybe, this has a chance at working.

I made it halfway across the (very small) room to the crib before the shriek from Sadie's bed shattered the quiet and woke Maggie back up.

Thus began a stretch of wakefulness that involved Maggie giggling hysterically while bouncing up and down, until even Sadie was ready for her to be asleep and was getting grouchy at being kept awake by her energetic little sister.

I will note that when Sadie woke up at 5am she was much quieter and didn't wake Mae Babe.

In other news Maggie stood up by herself for the first time three days ago and then again yesterday (she did it without holding on to anything the first time and fell backwards into a sitting position... so I think she kind of frightened herself! Last night she gave it another try!).


  1. Oh hugs... I hope you get some rest today & have a better night tomorrow!

  2. That is so hard! I too hope you can get some rest today and a better night's sleep tonight.

  3. In other news, the children's father dropped dead while standing up on his feet at work. Extreme physical exhaustion is thought to play a factor in his demise.



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