Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Busy Day in Pictures

We had a busy day today! Nani took us to "The City" for a Girl's Day of shopping and fun! And I snapped pictures along the way. Sadie is looking so big these days!

Mae Babe is ready to head out shopping!

Nani and Sadie pick out sun glasses!

Mae is hoping for grown up food at lunch...

Sadie eats a cheese bread roll.


More Cuddles!

The girls' favorite store is Costco because of the carts.

Ready for the trip home!

Sadie and Belle.

Getting sleepy...

She's out!



  1. Sadie's hair looks so pretty like that! Both your girls are looking so grown up and beautiful these days!

  2. They look like that had so much fun! I have a slightly off topic question for you. I notice that Maggie is facing backward and Sadie is facing forward. What do you think of the new "suggestion" (read: thinly veiled requirement) for children to face backward until they are two? My son is only four months so I have a little while until I have to address it for my own child, but I was curious as to your thoughts. Any input would be appreciated!

  3. Hi LouLou,

    I've been trying to figure that one out too. My big problem is that our girls are so big! With Maggie starting to wear 24 month outfits and Sadie wearing a size 6, we haven't been able to figure out where their legs would go! When we turned Sadie when she turned 1, her knees were already bending up towards her chest. And Maggie is bigger than Sadie was at the same age, so I'm not sure what we'll do.

    I understand how people do it when they say "I have a 33 inch tall two year old..." but I'm not sure what happens when you have a 40 inch two year old!

  4. LouLou & Cam - We actually did that before that recommendation came out and its a lot easier w/ the carseats they have now. ZJ's seat says it will fit a 47 inch child RF, but I'm a bit worried since its all about torso height and he's got a long one :-( As far as legs, those are no worry.. they'll fold them up or rest them on the seat :-) Kalila did it all the time and was/is pretty uncomfortable with hers when she turned at 26 months. I'm starting to catch her resting them on the front seat and I know that's uncomfortable for my dh since it tempts her to kick... sigh.

    Anyways, I'd suggest joining an online car seat safety group. There's a lot of good information on there and not just about ERF. Poor Kalila had a ton of things I did wrong in the car seat w/ at first. So glad we weren't in any accidents.

  5. Btw (sorry went off on a carseat rant.. is really hard for me not to do lol) the pictures are adorable!


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