Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sadie and Sister Scholastica

Sadie has a best friend. Her name is Sister Scholastica and she and Sadie are inseparable. As you can probably guess, Sadie hasn't quite mastered the name "Sister Scholastica" but she has dubbed her "Holy Baby" after the DVD and she take Holy Baby with her everywhere.

In fact when Holy Baby isn't with us we know that we're only moments away from potential disaster. Holy Baby is Sadie's lovey. If she notices that we've forgotten Holy Baby somewhere she goes from zero to inconsolable in about five seconds flat.

Maggie has a doll of her own "Baby Bosco" who Sadie calls "Don Bosco!" Sadie thinks that Maggie and Don Bosco should be as inseparable as she and Sister Scholastica are and frequently brings Don Bosco over and tells Maggie his name (usually when Maggie has settled down to nurse). Don Bosco does sit with Maggie in her car seat when we go on drives and he always makes her smile!

In case you're wondering where Sister Scholastica and Baby Bosco are from, they're characters in the Holy Baby DVD series (there are two DVDs: Holy Baby Seven Prayers in Seven Languages and Holy Baby 2 Jesus Loves Me He is the Bread of Life. I purchased these two DVDs after entering a giveaway at Modern Catholic Mom when Sadie was a baby. At the time I thought: I never win anything and I was really impatient to get a DVD designed for Catholic babies (and involving the rosary!) and I ended up ordering the two DVDs and forgetting about the giveaway. A few days later we found out that we had won!

It worked out perfectly, however. We donated two of the DVDs to our parish's library and kept the other two.

In the first Holy Baby DVD, your child will learn the prayers of the rosary (in seven languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, Vietnamese and German). In between prayers they watch "Sister Scholastica" pray while a song plays. And then while the prayers are being spoken in the different languages, colorful images are shown on the screen.

Holy Baby 2 is also filled with cheerful music, along with parts of the Mass. The girls have only recently started watching Holy Baby 2 so Baby Bosco might be gaining popularity with Sadie soon (I'll have to make sure she doesn't steal her sister's doll too!).

Lately the Holy Baby DVDs have been a lifesaver. If I need to fix a quick dinner and the girls are particularly rambunctious I can pop one of the two DVDs into the DVD player and silence instantly falls over the house. Maggie will giggle and Sadie will grab Sister Scholastica and collapse on the couch with a huge smile.

Sadie loves counting the number of items in each picture (there are three nuns in a statue so she says "one, two, three!" and giggles) and naming Mary whenever a statue comes onto the screen that depicts Our Lady. She's also making the sign of cross frequently throughout the day and sat on my lap before Mass yesterday helping me "learn" how to make the sign. Two days ago we were looking at a book and she pointed to Our Lady of Guadalupe and said "Mary!" When I asked her who Mary is she said "Mother of Jes! Mother of God!" in an enthusiastic voice (she can't quite say "Jesus" yet).

This DVD is helping our girls learn the prayers that we say every night in our family rosary and is helping them be excited about them! And I don't feel bad about letting them watch it when I have something that I really need to get done because they're learning prayers and parts of the Mass! To top it all off, seeing Sadie walking around with a little nun doll (in a habit!) always brings a smile to my face! Especially when she bursts out singing: "Holy Baby, You're the One!"


  1. That's great! So much better than the tiny rubber pig I insisted on taking everywhere at any cost!

  2. Cute! I've seen these (sold them where I used to work) and wish we could get one... sounds like such a good idea :-)

  3. Thank you for sharing about these DVD's! When my Maggie gets a little bit older, I'll have to check them out for her. :)


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