Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Daily Dose of Cuteness: A Very Wonderful Sadie Day

Sadie is my big girl. She decided today that she was going to be potty trained. She then used the potty (almost) successfully for the rest of the day (for 7 out of 8 potty opportunities we made it into the bathroom! We are still using pullups however.). I think it just suddenly clicked in her head! She even shocked me by getting out of the bathtub to use the potty and then getting back in!

She also performed "itsy bitsy spider" by herself for Maggie and me. When I tried to do the hand motions with her she would stop and come over and put her hands on mine to stop me and would then give me a look before starting over again.

This was followed by her favorite "prayer." She makes the sign of the cross (it's actually starting to look like a cross now!) and then says "Here Church. Here Steeple. Open Doors. Here People. Close Doors. Hear Pray. Open Doors. Gone A WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!" This "prayer" may or may not be followed by another sign of the cross. While she fills in parts of the rosary for me when I ask her if she wants to say a prayer this is the instant response.

I've been smiling so much today!


  1. What a wonderful day filled with the joy of new accomplishments and realizations. I already remind myself it's the little things that really count.

  2. I think this potty-training event will be indicative of milestones to come - one day, she'll just know she's ready to ride a bike! Or swim, read, or whatever else.
    PS - I love that color dress on her!


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