Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daily Dose of Cuteness: A Sadie Quote

Sadie (looks at me very seriously after hearing her sister cry in the other room while she and I were having a special movie night watching a princess movie): "Me Baby Too!" (while pointing at her chest).

She got lots of hugs and cuddles and yes, once, Maggie fell asleep five minutes later (this was two nights ago, not last nights long night!) we did get to finish watching her movie together.

Then there's:

Me: "Who's your favorite princess?"
Sadie: "Holy Baby Princess!"

And also:

Me: "What kind of birthday party are you going to want this year?"
Sadie: "Holy Baby!"
Me: "Not Ru and Lumpy?"
Sadie: "Holy Baby! Holy Baby!"

Hmmmm.... I wonder where you find nun birthday decorations... At least it will be an easy Halloween costume to make...

1 comment:

  1. I love her with her hair pulled back. I know they make really sweet little dolls of saints. They seem sort of pricey, maybe they could be sewn (I don't know if you sew, but...) Anyway, if they're cheap they'd be really sweet party favors!


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