Sunday, March 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We braved a storm yesterday to go to Mass. There had been a break in the storm right around the time we had planned on heading out that made us brave enough to give it a try... besides, the weatherman said that the storm wasn't supposed to hit until 11pm and we would be home way before 11pm.

Except that a mudslide hit and then an accident and while we sat there waiting to go through the road status changed to chains... And we were stuck.

So we found a motel and bought some baby food and toothbrushes and settled in for the night.

When we woke up this morning I called and the roads were still closed (for cars without chains or 4 wheel drive). We decided that we would buy cables (our car isn't supposed to use chains... we were hoping that the manual would say cables were okay...) if the roads were still closed once we were ready to go.

Thankfully once we got on the road I called the 800-number again and the road had reopened. We scooted through before it closed again (the storm is raging outside and the mud walls were sliding down with small-ish rock and mud slides all along the road in addition to the snow) and are now home safe and sound.

Mae was particularly relieved. She has a tough time being away from home and when she saw where we were she started zooming around checking to make sure her toys were still here.

And Sadie is glad to be back near her potty. She had a bit of a trauma yesterday with an automatic flushing toilet (I will now mention my loathing for automatic flushing toilets) that set us back a week or so in potty training... We'd been accident free for the most part for over a week...

Now to make pizza for lunch! I am so glad to be home!

Today's picture is a blast from the past! It's over a year old!


  1. Those toilets are almost violent! And you can end up with your business all over your behind if you linger! I'm praying for all you guys in CA because of the recent warnings about possible natural disasters headed your way.

  2. Well, at least you were all together. We are having seventy degree weather here today. Loverly.
    I hope Paul won't be in SF for the next quake. There are predictions for that happening this week. Do you keep up with that sort of thing?

    On another note, I met the nicest family after Mass this morning. They are from Texas, but visiting their Grandma here. The girls' headcoverings caught my eye. I told them to come over to your blog. Hope they "meet" you soon!

    Take care & God bless!

  3. Our daughter is 8, and still hates those automatic toilets. Heck, so do I.

    Hang a piece of toilet paper over the little sensor/"eye" as soon as you get into the stall. Then when everyone is completely finished, take it off and press the little button to force the flush. We've done that for years and it's always worked.


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