Monday, March 14, 2011

Sad Statistics

I found this horrifying (yet important) post over at The Catholic Key. It's a look at the leading causes of death in New York City in 2008...

"Let’s break it out with some leading causes of death in New York City in 2008:

Cause of Death Number of Deaths
Heart Disease 21,844
Cancer 13,116
Influenza/Pneumonia 2,578
Diabetes 1,708
Stroke 1,669
Deaths by All Causes (excluding abortion) 55,391
Induced Abortions 82,475
The number of people who died from abortion in 2008 in New York City is 149% of the number of people who died from all other causes. Put another way, abortion accounts for 60 percent of all deaths in New York City..."


  1. I saw this, too, Cam. It is horrifying. How is it that a child is considering human only if he or she is wanted? I cannot comprehend it.

  2. It's horrifying. I never knew NYC was such a hotspot for abortion clinics. I have so much hope in 40 Days for Life, though. That's the only thing that really helps me when I see statistics such as these.


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