Monday, August 25, 2014

32 Week Appointment... Giganto-Baby Continues to Grow...

I was out of the house early this morning for my 32 week appointment.  Everything went well.  Baby looks good.  The doctor referred me over to manipulative medicine because I've been having excruciating pelvic pain again this pregnancy (I'm blaming the giant babies we seem to grow) and nothing I've tried (like making sure to keep my knees together when standing up) is helping anymore.  It would be great if it did help because it makes things like walking and sitting up a challenge, but either way I'm focusing on being in the home stretch now and if it's anything like last time the pain will hopefully go away once the baby arrives.

He's also starting to think that I might have a hernia so... pregnancy fun abounds!  I guess we'll see during the c-section (since the suspected spot is pretty close to my scar).

In totally unsurprising news, the baby is measuring two weeks ahead of schedule, shocking absolutely no one.  I think this baby is determined to have me outgrowing all my maternity clothing by the end of this pregnancy.

Right now my bottom half still fits into small maternity clothes and my top half is outgrowing some of my L-XL maternity clothing.  Which is probably why I'm starting to find myself thinking of this kid as Giganto-Baby.

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  1. During my second pregnancy I got diagnosed with SPD (see
    and was able to get physical therapy to help relieve the pain. Would something like that be an option for you? I remember feeling like I couldn't move AT ALL due to the excruciating pain, so the few exercises they gave me for strengthening the muscles plus modifying the way I did a few things was really, really helpful to keep everything aligned as it should be.


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