Saturday, August 16, 2014

Paul's Birthday in Pictures

Yesterday we celebrated Paul's birthday and after lunch when asked what he wanted to do for the day, he said walk around the old part of campus.  This conversation followed:

Sadie:  "I think we should go to a park where the kids can run around.  And climb.  And go down slides!" (we've been going to a lot of parks lately)
Me: "Remember how on your birthday we did every single thing you wanted to do?  Well today is Daddy's birthday.  So let's do what Daddy wants to do!"

As we were walking around campus Paul and I couldn't help but chuckling as Sadie began to bring up the botanical gardens (which is one of her favorite school field trips).  By the end of the day we'd walked through them and she was exhausted and was being carried by Daddy back to the car and couldn't help but add this to the conversation:
"But Daddy hard work is what you really wanted to do on your birthday, right?" (referring to carrying her across campus).  "And going to the botanical gardens.  Going to the botanical gardens is what you really wanted to do on your birthday, isn't it?"

Yes, it turns out that it was.  Here are a few pictures from the day... I didn't get very many of the babies (who were in the stroller) until we got home and got down to the very serious business of eating birthday cake:


  1. Sadie looks like she enjoyed it very much! Such a beautiful day too! You look great, Cammie!!

  2. STUNNING pictures at the botanical gardens! Those big, old trees make me miss the Midwest! TB

  3. Absolutely beautiful!!


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