Thursday, August 21, 2014

{phfr} Mermaids, Field Trips and the Return of the Duck

I'll kick this post off with a little prayer request for Sadie who, after having a fun day yesterday seems to have come down with some sort of flu virus now and is pretty sick...  I'm hoping this doesn't mean that flu season has arrived early this year... Now for {phfr}


My plans to launch a mermaid line has been delayed by Mae's plans to seriously seriously test the durability of my mermaid line... which is actually a good thing because I'm discovering where I need to reinforce seams and I'm also learning which stitches are far more Maggie proof than others.  It's still in the works though (as are little weighted fish like the one she's holding here):

Paul is still applying for jobs just about every day.  He has picked up a nighttime job but the hours are pretty limited so we're praying that a second job comes along ASAP (and prayers are still greatly appreciated).  In the meantime I've been trying to squeeze in all the family time that I can with lots of trips to parks and the museum and zoo before what will hopefully be a second job comes onto the scene!


Field trips are one of my favorite parts about our school year.

Something I have come to accept in the last year is that certain people (read everybody under the age of 30) in our house really thrive with a set schedule and get quite antsy when that schedule changes.  As a result we tend to do school year round.  In fact, even weeks off that I've planned often turn into school weeks because Mae still has therapy and I get tired of hearing "So... why does Maggie get to do school this week and I don't..." along with other questions of that nature.  So school it is.  Which is why we're on day sixty-something of the new school year instead of taking first day of school pictures at the moment.

Yesterday I snapped quite a few pictures of the science portion of our day.  It was lots of fun for the entire family:


Patch is Mr. Independent.  He's pretty sure that he's one going on six, tagging along trying to do everything his big sister does.

And I have to admit, he does quite a few things that I never could have imagined letting Sadie do, like insisting on swinging on the big kid swings before his third birthday (or his second).

And remembering how nervous I was the first time I put Sadie in one of those baby swings if probably why I find these pictures of Patch being Patch so amusing.


Things that are allowed at the park include... climbing:

Anything, however, that requires "the duck" to make an appearance in pictures results in a trip home.

Because we don't go skinny dipping in puddles at the park... even when we're the only ones there:

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