Friday, September 19, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday: Baby Hats, Therapy Sessions, Mermaids and a Toddler Who's Trying to Take Off in the Van

Sadie's on her third baby hat of the week.

I asked her if maybe, just maybe, I could keep her first one for James but she was pretty adamant that all of the hats that she's made so far are for babies in foster care.

She did take the time today to pick out some blue yarn to make a hat for her newest brother to wear next month though, so I guess he's not totally out of luck.

My computer's hard drive is broken and so I've been borrowing Paul's computer while mine is awaiting repairs from HP (thankfully it's still under warranty).  In the meantime I've been keeping busy with sewing and more chaplets.  These aren't up in the store yet, but I'll be working on photographing them in the next week.

Sadie picked out the beads and they ended up being some of my favorites:

Patch is working hard at being Mae's understudy in getting into just about everything.  She's absolutely his roll model.  He can climb up to get things off of the mantle now (which is just under five feet tall) and when he realizes he's been caught doing something he should be doing he shouts "Maggie!  Maggie!  Maggie!" over and over again.

They really are two peas in a pod.

Do you remember how Mae used to insist on wearing her red super girl boots around the clock?

She wore through two pairs and they were constantly on her feet.

These days there are several pairs of shoes that she'll wear, but I've noticed a trend developing.  She is all about matching.  If she's wearing an outfit that has a ballerina on it (or is a tutu) than they have to be her ballet slippers or her Dora ballet crocs.  

The greatest challenge in the "do these match" saga however, is when she's decided that she's a mermaid.  Can you see where I'm going with this?

You see, mermaids don't wear shoes.  And suggesting that our little mermaid wear shoes when we leave the house is pretty much the worst idea ever... unless they're roller skates... in which case a costume change might be upcoming... because mermaids don't roller skate either.  

When asked her name earlier this week Mae responded by saying "mermaid."

After being asked a second time she did say "Maggie!"

She is definitely still all about mermaids.

In somewhat related news, today I take Mae back to the university for therapy after her regular session.

I was excited a couple of weeks ago to get a call from one of the people who runs the autism lab in the psych department there, asking if they could borrow Maggie to train the new grad students who are starting the program, in exchange for free therapy (during the training sessions).  Basically Mae would get to go in and play while they learned from interacting with her.  Since I absolutely love the program that they're developing and because Mae has had a blast every time she's been there I was quick to say yes!  I know she's going to be so excited when she sees where we're going!

This morning the entire house got to hear Patch yelling Maggie's name at the top of his lungs because when he got into the living room she was still upstairs asleep in her room.

He didn't have to wait long for her to join him though.  About ten seconds later she was awake too...

When Patch thinks it's time for us to leave the house he runs over to me, holds up his little hand and says "hand!  Hand!"  If we are actually leaving and I take his hand and open the door he then pulls his little hand away and walks next to me giggling and insisting that he doesn't need to hold my hand.  While I watch for cars he'll sprint around to the door that all the kids get into the car through and will climb in as quickly as he can and attempt to evade Paul to get into the driver's seat where he'll try to put a seat belt on before pretending that he's driving.

Yesterday Sadie yelled from the back seat "Press the go button Patchy!  Press the go button!" and he started pressing every button he could reach in an attempt to get the car going before Paul had buckled Mae in and could put him in his seat too.

I guess our big boy thinks he's old enough to take the mini van out for a spin...

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  1. You'll have to get Maggie a pair of flippers to wear on her Mermaid days!


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