Monday, September 22, 2014

9 Years Ago Today... Our First Date! 8 Years Ago Today... Our Wedding!

Nine years ago today Paul and I went on our first date.  Eight years ago today we were married.  And so I put together some pictures of the whirlwind that has been the last nine years.  Some of these were taken on anniversaries, but as the years go by it's harder and harder to find pictures of all of us (or even both of us!  Although that is getting easier now that Sadie takes a pretty good picture!) on the actual day and so some of these are from other holidays around our anniversary where we managed to have someone else snap a photo!

Sometime around our first date nine years ago!

The reception!  Eight years back!

The One Year Anniversary!

Two years!

Three years!

Four years!
Sadie was too speedy to be in any photos!

Five years (almost) and getting ready for the move to Ave!

Six years (almost again!) and getting ready to move to Michigan!

7 Years!

8 Years!
Happy Anniversary Paul!  

I can hardly wait to see where the next 9 years take us!


  1. Congratulations and the best of wishes to you!


  2. Congratulations! May God continue to grant many happy and blessed years to you and your family, and be assured of my prayers!

    -Your servant, a seminarian

  3. Congratulations! My husband and I went on our first date and married in a year, as well!


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