Friday, September 26, 2014

7 Quicks Day: The Spinning Baby, Nesting, and a Talking Toddler

And one of these days I'll find time
to update the week by weeks pictures!
Baby, baby, baby.  At this moment I can tell he is breach again because his little head is nestled right up under the right side of my rib cage.  Yesterday he went back and forth from breach to transverse at least six times.  He apparently has ample wiggle room in there and doesn't seemed to be thrilled with either position and so giganto-baby is doing flips back and forth all day long.

And I've come to the conclusion that I prefer transverse right now because the whole snuggled-up-under-the-ribs-thing is getting a little bit old.

The excitement for the night last night arrived when Paul got home from work and announced that the night had been busy with people getting into fights (which is really unusual for where he works now) and that he'd almost been tasered breaking up a fight.  I guess while he was separating the people fighting the police arrived and while the taser lights were going back and forth between the two people fighting they kept going across Paul, who thankfully didn't get shot with the electrodes.

However that did mean he got pestered by me with non-stop questions at 3 am like:  "Do you think that your work boots would have made any difference because of their soles?  Like with an electric fence?  Because it made such a huge difference when I was little and I would grab the fence out by the horses and not get shocked if I had my boots on but totally get shocked when I didn't."  Followed by:  "Would you have gotten shocked if you were pulling them apart when they got tasered?" and any other questions that popped into my suddenly-very-awake-at-3-am-mind, when really he was probably just hoping to fall asleep before any of the babies woke up and decided "Hey-it's-3am-and-that's-practically-morning!" and started begging to get up and go downstairs.

After a little googling this morning the answers I've found to my questions seem to be a) the boots would have made no difference and b) as long as he didn't get hit with the electrodes himself, probably not.

There's so much I'd like to do before
we start snapping pictures like this one...
but if that past has taught me anything it's
that even when I don't get everything
I'd like done pre-baby, it'll work itself
With Sadie and Maggie  I was in super nesting mode throughout pretty much the entire pregnancies.

With the last few pregnancies not-so-much.  The only default mode in any trimester seems to be sleepy and ready for a nap.

However, with a few weeks left I'm finally trying to get a few things done and am trying to force myself into nesting mode because there are simply a few things that need to be done in the next few days/weeks that aren't going to do themselves.  And so the top of the list at the moment (36 weeks 6 days today) include:

  • Packing a hospital bag. 
  • Installing another car seat into our car.
  • Pulling out the baby clothes that I packed up when I was desperately clinging to the hope that we were moving before the baby arrived.
  • Washing the baby clothes and finding a place for them somewhere in this house.  
  • Washing/cleaning/finding places for the two bassinets that we have for nap time that will go upstairs and downstairs

And if those things get done I have a whole other check list of things that I'd really like to complete that are slightly less important but that would still be really nice to have finished (like figure out a way to move all the boxes in the basement so that the next time it floods, whether it comes from the east side of the house or the south side of the house, it hopefully won't reach any of our belongings... although when I think of how likely that actually is to happening I find myself thinking "dream, little dreamer, dream..." because they probably are not all that likely without a burst of super-human energy).

I know I posted about this on my Facebook page, but I'm not sure I shared it on the blog (and am leaning towards thinking I haven't... although with my totally distracted pregnancy-muddled brain at the moment, it's possible that I did... so bear with me) so here goes.

I am so used to our kids being late talkers and not really talking until after the age of three, that I'm shocked every time Patch busts out with perfectly clear little words to let us know what he's thinking. He's 22 months old right now and while many of his very, very long sentences aren't understandable, more and more of his words are making sense.

My personal favorite phrase had to be the other night when he woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep and I finally had Paul bring him into our room where he cuddled next to me and was perfectly quiet for a half hour before his little voice was heard breaking the silence saying "Daddy?  Can I borrow a cup?"

I have yet to hear him say "milk" (for almond milk because of his allergy) but whenever he's thirsty he follows me around shouting "Cup!  Cup!  Cup!" (usually while waving his cup in the air and trying to launch it over the baby gate and into the kitchen where he's hopeful it will just fill itself), so we both knew what he meant.  After having his drink he went (mostly) happily back to his crib to sleep... I'm loving this whole, being able to tell us what he wants before he turns two thing.  It still surprises me on a daily basis.

Earlier in the week I came downstairs from my upstairs-make-room-for-the-bassinet-cleaning project to find Patrick following a certain sister around the house saying "Uh-oh!  Uh-oh!  On no!" followed by his sister's name and "Uh-oh!  Poo!" He then went over and lightly patted the back of her pants to show that he thought an accident had happened and that I needed to take care of it ASAP.

I assured him that there hadn't been an accident, she was fine, but apparently he's used to pants that fit like leggings and anything that looks baggy is to be announced as "poo."

A few minutes later our little rule enforcer saw Mae climb up onto a chair and shouted "Uh oh!  Oh no!  No, no, no!  Maggie!  No!  Down!" and she actually listened to him before I could even move a muscle from where I was sitting... unfortunately he then proceeded to climb up in the exact spot she'd vacated to do exactly what she'd been doing

The bruise before Patch's arrival.

Just in time for the new baby's arrival and the pictures that will be snapped in the coming weeks, Sadie slipped while running through the play room and knocked her head against a toy chest, resulting in a huge knot/bruise that I've come to believe is a requirement before the birth of a new baby in our house.  Before Patch was born she fell during ice skating lessons and that fall resulted in a bruise just under her left eye.  I'm tempted to believe this is a sign that the baby will arrive before the bruise fades because what are family pictures around here if someone doesn't have some sort of major bruising on their face?

Halloween and All Saint's Day fever has arrived in full force.  In keeping with her yearly theme of being something totally random (last year she was a jelly fish), Sadie is going to be a "Blue Morpho Butterfly" this year.  Maggie burst into tears at the site of a mermaid costume in the Halloween store, so my guess is that she'll be a mermaid this year, and Patch threw himself onto the ground and started to cry at the idea of not being a Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle, so it seems he'll be Michaelangelo this year.

Last year Sadie insisted Patch be
Saint John of the Cross
so that he would match her...
And apparently people under the age of five in this house are just a little bit too overwhelmed by the wonderfulness of all the choices at costume stores...

On the All Saint's Day front they went through their little book of Saint's yesterday and Sadie is going to be Saint Bernadette (but very specifically in her habit after she became a nun), Maggie is going to be Saint Cecilia, Patch is going as Saint Patrick and Sadie is adamant that baby James must go as baby Jesus, because what else would he be?

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  1. Hospital bag is on my weekend to do list too! As well as clean out the car and install a car seat. I am slightly slightly ahead on the washing of clothes but I wasn't holding out hope of a move. (And I did clothes on Wednesday so I am barely ahead there.)

    Love the Halloween/All Saint choices. :)

  2. My third, whose 21mo. has FAR fewer words than his older brothers did at his age. His sentences and phrases are only two words at this point. But it's incredible how much he understands. He's watched a few episodes of Planet Earth with the family, and I was so surprised/excited/amazed at dinner tonight when he lined up five pieces of red pepper in a row, in a puddle of water on his tray, and then pointed to it saying, "Ocean! Ocean! Ocean!" What a funny concept! I always wonder just WHAT goes on in their little heads! TB


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