Friday, September 5, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday: Whining, My Greatest Fear and More Chaplets!

Patch has reached that lovely phase of toddler-hood where the moment he realizes that Mommy is within earshot, he becomes a thousand times more whiny. He could be playing nicely and giggling but the second he hears my voice his voice goes up a few octaves and the complaining about whatever it is he can think of to complain about starts.

Today the whining included the words "a cup of" being repeated over and over again while handing me his sippy cup (which he'd just emptied in about thirty seconds).  Then it was because he was finally allowed to watch a movie today and his oldest sister leaned in front of him and came between him and Dora for approximately .25 seconds, which resulted in a solid 25 minutes of lamenting (and reenacting) the drama of those missed moments of the cartoon.

Even at his whiniest he's pretty amusing... and I'm hoping that his rapidly expanding vocabulary helps us speed through this phase in a relatively short amount of time.  

We saw the house and filled out the application and now I'm desperately hoping that we're approved.  It's smaller than what we're in now, but that just makes it seem like a great time to get rid of like, half our belongings.  I'm so ready to have a garage sale to help with the move and then have one of the local charities that always puts fliers in the mail box about how they'll pick stuff up come by to take everything else.

I think being in the super nesting (although not able to do much about it) phase helps at this point and is destroying any lingering pack rat tendencies that I've been picking away at over the years.

One of the thing that has me the most excited about this move is that there's a swimming pool and I would actually have the opportunity to teach my kids to swim.  While I was lifeguarding, teaching swimming also happened to be my job for eight years (I was a Red Cross instructor) and it's really worried me that none of our kids can swim well.

They were taking lessons with a local rec district but I wasn't really impressed with the program after watching four sessions and was less impressed when a certain instructor picked up one of our kids and shook her... so we haven't renewed the lessons since then (and if you're one of our local friends I can totally tell you where not to go).

So the idea of having a swimming pool nearby and being able to take the kids over one by one and work with them when Paul is home is very, very appealing!

Of course the fact that there's a pool nearby, even a pool with a very high metal fence, stresses me out immensely too.

A while back our priest told us during a homily to think of our #1 fear.  Mine wasn't hard to come up with.  My greatest fear is easily the thought of Mae wandering and drowning.  It's probably because I follow so many various autism organizations on facebook so I see missing children reports frequently, and all to often those reports end in drowning (I know I read somewhere else a statistic that said 90% of wandering deaths involve drowning).  And the fact that Mae is absolutely drawn to water like a moth to a flame doesn't help that fear in the least.

When we went to the fish hatchery and there were giant fish in the pond she started to throw herself in.  Standing next to a huge river she'll immediately sit down and start taking off her shoes.  When we go to the lake she'll spend the whole time trying to head out deeper and deeper, giggling all the while.

So teaching her to swim is a high priority.  Not having access to a pool has been a major drawback and having one so close to our house would definitely help with that!

Paul has been working six days a week and is still applying for jobs all over the place in hopes of finding at the very least a second part time job.  His current job is working out really well, but we never know if he's being called in for three hours of eight hours (it depends on the crowd each night), which means we never know how many hours will be on each time card.  Continued prayers that something great turns up would be hugely appreciated!

And that is a factor in all my late night crafting.  Two days ago I tried to picture the perfect rosary for a little girl, based on what I thought Sadie would like.  I came up with this:

My other projects that finally got photographed last night are up in the shop too!

I have so many finished that it's going to take weeks to get everything photographed!  And most of the other's I have left to photograph are more traditional in appearance!  When I found these beads I had so much fun with them but they definitely aren't everyone's taste!

In other news the mermaid tails are in the final phases of testing and should be up in Mae Bae's store soon, along with some other sensory geared things I've come up with!  Maggie is the best product tester I have, so after having her find the weaknesses in the tails and correcting them and having her try them out again I'm really starting to get an idea of what will last and where the seams need to be super reinforced!  It's taken longer than I expected, but they are on they're way!

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  1. Drowning is a huge fear of mine too. One thing you should know - if you move to this place and Mae is EVER missing, even for a second - run to the pool first. You can search the house/yard later on but always, always check the worst place first.

    Second of all, is Paul applying at local law firms as a potential associate, or is he waiting for his bar results to do that? Most of the time they hire recently -graduated people contingent on passing the bar (and usually they give the person two chances), so he shouldn't be waiting.

  2. Interesting because my dd was terrified of water (even baths for a while). It took a ton of going from a small wading pool to a toddler pool to finally get her to enter a regular sized pool for lessons. She was afraid of water from infancy!

  3. Oh wow - I never made the connection between drowning and wandering (specifically wandering autistic children). That's so scary!!!

    BTW, the chaplets are beautiful. That last one (with the purple beads) is stunning!

    But seriously - back to my original point... I think that's gonna stay with me for a good long while (as any legitimate issue should).

    Whew. {hugs}

  4. Saw the purple rosary - fell in love - bought it! Hope it works :-)

  5. Could I inquire what type of job Paul is searching for? I thought he had achieved his law degree. If so, is there some specialty he is seeking employment in? (I am not without contacts).


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