Monday, September 29, 2014

Patch's Late Night Plea...

Patch has hit a stage where he's gone from sleeping through the night for months and months, to waking up at 2 or 3 every morning and insisting that he needs to come into our room.  And if I don't want to hear Mae's voice telling me the same thing (and she's much harder to get back to sleep) it's easier just to oblige the request for a short amount of time before setting him back in his crib where he happily sleeps for another four or five hours.

To be honest though, I'm almost starting to look forward to the late night visits, because it seems to be when he's at his chattiest, which is saying a lot because Patch always has quite a bit to say.

Last night he began what very much seemed like a rant about the unfairness of the set up of our house.  He pointed to Sadie and Maggie's room and went on and on about "Maggie and Sadie! There!!!!  Maggie and Sadie!!!!" and then gestured to our room and "Mommy and Daddy, Daddy and Mommy, Mommy and Daddy!!!  Here!"  or something like that (it was quite the impassioned speech).

And then he'd point to his own room, with it's little lone crib in it and from the bits and pieces I managed to pick out from his many, many words, it seems that he's decided it's wildly unfair that he's in there with his Cars nightlight and stuffed animals by himself.

I'm also 99% sure that part of the rant involved him trying to convince me that he should share a room with his sisters, which just isn't going to happen because I'm confident that he and Mae would never, ever sleep again and would spend all night bouncing off the walls and making sure that no one else ever slept again either.  Besides I just can't imagine how much trouble they could get into together, without adult supervision.

Unfortunately he has quite the wait until the new baby is big enough to move over into the room with him (the bassinet is finally set up next to the big bed... now I just need to get out the co-sleeper and wash all of its parts).

Finally, after pretending his little hands were monsters and insisting on tickling everyone at least twice he happily went back to snuggle with his light up music playing elephant... and hopefully when the new baby is big enough to move into the big boy room with him, he'll be as enthusiastic about having a roommate as he is now!

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  1. My daughter was so excited when her oldest, and then second oldest brothers reached the age to share a room - w have four kids and three bedrooms, and the baby sleeps alone since his schedule is different. But now she is in school and doesnt get a nap, and they still do, so at night she just wants to sleep and they want to whisper play for hours. So she is much less happy with brothers in the room at bedtime.


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