Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Random Update On All-The-Things....

In other totally random news,
my computer was fixed after being gone
for two weeks
(thank goodness for warranties)
and so I should have
some new pictures up soon!
For now here are a few throwbacks
that kind of relate to the random post I just finished!
Yesterday was a day of small victories.  I managed to install the car seat and get the bassinet linens washed and dried and put in place in the upstairs bassinet.  And Paul moved two book shelves out of Patch's room into another part of the house because he's been going through a book dumping phase for pretty much his entire life and I'd like to be able to let him go to his room for nap time once he's outgrown his crib without finding three hundred books scattered across the floor afterwards.

I've come to almost-believe that installing book shelves and tacking them to the walls is a sign that we'll be moving soon (heavy on the almost).  Shortly after deep-cleaning and rearranging the apartment in Florida, all while pregnant, we found out we'd be moving to Michigan.  So each time I move something to it's new place and secure it to the wall I can't help but feel like the second all of this is done we'll likely find the perfect place (of course all that moving was pre-Friday contractions... now all the furniture moving is being done by Paul).

We almost found the perfect place for a second time in the past month, only to find out it wasn't quite so perfect.  It was in the neighborhood I would pretty much give my left arm to live in and it was next to a beautiful playground.  The buildings were a little bit old and run down, and smaller than our current place and of course there was no yard, but location is big right now and was going to carry the day.

I was about to put all our information in and send in the rather steep application fee when I decided to do a few searches on the buildings... and quickly discovered dozens and dozens of reviews that included pictures of black mold everywhere and page after page of claims that the police visit the complex at least four times every night and that it's a hotbed of drugs and prostitution.  The next day I met a mom at the playground from the same town and after mentioning where we'd thought of moving, she repeated the same thing and said that it was an incredibly good thing we didn't make the move.  So apparently even in my dream area we'll have to be very careful with our research when we see places opening up.

So back to square one.  Since it's unlikely the broken windows in this house are going to be fixed before winter (since this will be winter #3 and they weren't fixed the other two times either) I'm coming up with plans to try to lower the impact of the cold this year (boards, plus felt, plus plastic maybe?) and find a way to hopefully lesson the impact of the inevitable flooding that I'm cautiously optimistic is still several months away.

The windows were kind of patched before, but not as well I thought since the neighborhood animals managed to break through in spring (I thought they were boarded because these particular windows are hard to get to/see but apparently someone had only shoved insulation into them and insulation by itself is not animal proof) and our request that they be fixed is lingering on month #2 so... I'm not all that hopeful anything is going to happen.

Of course most of these ideas are just going on in my head since the whole bed rest order, instead of actually being implemented since my helper in getting things done is working and helping me chip away at the to-do list, but doesn't quite have that same third-trimester-pregnant-let's-stay-up-til-4-am-and-fix-all-the-things drive that I have without the help of pregnancy hormones.

He's awesomely watching the kids and applying for jobs and working into the wee hours of the morning and not sleeping all that much and checking the boxes off the list of things I was hoping to do myself... and I'm mostly managing to "rest" although "rest" around here might not quite mean the same thing it does in the hospital... but homestretch (can you tell I keep telling myself that?)!  We hit full term and either way baby will be here in the next two weeks!

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