Monday, September 15, 2014

Hiccups and Headbutts

Will Sadie lose her record as biggest baby?
Here's my totally boring "am-I-in-labor...yes?  no?  maybe?" update that's pretty much stream of consciousness as I bump-watch (navel gaze?) and count down the weeks until we meet this not-so-little-guy.

The not-so-tiny person who's head is squarely wedged directly under my ribs has the hiccups right now.  I'm fairly certain he has the most rapid fire hiccups of any of my children so far, averaging a hiccup every five seconds or so.  I don't know how anyone can hiccup so quickly.

Tonight I attended the required baptismal prep class at our parish.  It's the first one I've ever had to take (baptism #5 and I finally didn't manage to avoid it).  The baby and I argued the entire time.

The argument went something like this.  He would head butt my stomach/lungs and then I would try to lightly press down on the area next to my ribs to maybe encourage him to find a slightly more comfortable spot and he would deliver a good hard kick to my hip to let me know that encouraging him to move was not an acceptable suggestion.

I can never decide if I prefer the baby to be breach of transverse.  Patch spent almost the whole third trimester transverse, with  short periods spent flipped breach.

Will Mae be bumped from 2nd to 3rd place?
I'm pretty sure I complained every 30 seconds about being kicked repeatedly in the side.

This baby is spending some time transverse but usually prefers to try to fit his head under my ribs.  And all I can think about is how much I would like this baby to not be under/inside my rib cage for ten seconds.

I think the truth is probably that there isn't a comfortable position towards the end of the third trimester, but I always live in denial that there actually is and that if the baby could just find it life would be perfect (or at least much, much more comfortable).

Also, it would help if the baby wasn't 25 lbs (okay, so that's probably an exaggeration... but if we're going by what he feels like.... 25 lbs it is).  Maybe I should find the website I used last time so that people can guess weight.  What will it be this time?  Will Paul finally get his over 10 lb baby (I'm secretly convinced that that's what he's hoping for)?

If I had to make one guess it would be
that I do think Patch will remain
our littlest baby so far as long as
this little guy stays put!
Right now the main problem I'm having with all of this moving/head butting/ kicking is that each little move causes a wow-am-I-in-labor? contraction, so that I spent a fair portion of our day fairly certain we were going to be headed to labor and delivery tonight.

Thankfully I think it's just a matter of more irritable uterus contractions that hopefully aren't doing anything that will send us to L&D before October.

I actually do think we're going to make it to October.  I think I tend to forget how much I tend to feel like I'm in labor before actually being in labor.

Of course I also will probably think "this is it" about 50 times before than if this little guy keeps this up!


  1. Believe me, if you are in labor, there will be NO doubt. You will feel like your insides are being ripped apart. Usually babies get kind of "quiet" in there when real labor starts. Here's hoping you can hold out until 39 weeks!

  2. This will be my fifth time in labor... I've never gotten to miss out on the magic of it. So when I say I'm not sure... it means I'm feeling pretty horrible... but I try not to a) scare people who haven't been there and b) whine to much around here...

  3. Depends on the person, but it is possible to be in real labor and not sure. With my second I had what I thought were Braxton hicks contractions that lasted for three hours and got to be three minutes apart - doctor had me come in to check and was at eight cm. Baby was crowning by the time we made the five minute drive to the hospital. With babies three and four went to the hospital at the first contractions that felt at all painful, and both times was at four cm and baby within six hours. So contractions when not close to hospitalbmake me nervous.


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