Saturday, December 13, 2014

Let It Go.

In her "boat" in the "ocean."
She loves pretending!
Mae's been walking around the house saying "Ma Go. Ma go." for weeks. I thought she was telling me to go get something or that she wanted something and couldn't figure out what.

This morning she brought over a little wooden staircase that was pretty much the only broken thing that didn't get thrown out (because she loves playing with it) and took my fingers and made them go up the stairs. Each time she would say "La go. La go!" and smile.

If you have a daughter in the preschool age range you may have already figured out what was going on. She's been saying "Let it go!" while reenacting the scene in Frozen where Elsa runs up the ice stairs.

And when I realized what she was saying and repeated it back to her, her entire face lit up because I finally understood what she's been saying!


  1. I love those moments with my 2 year old--figuring out what he's been saying. I bet it warms your heart so much!

  2. I had this with my older dd years ago when she was asking for a chipatter. What is a chipatter? It turned out that she once watched Toy Soldiers and was attracted to the Chip Hazard character. Finally; we saw a picture of him somewhere and she was like "chipatter! Chipatter!. Mystery solved. I look forward to your future when Mae's speech and communication are easier to understand. (and I'm confident it will happen)


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