Friday, December 5, 2014

Six Week Check and a Biopsy

Waiting in the waiting room.
We were early and James was about to start
making Grumpy faces at everyone.
I'm fretting and worrying this morning.  Of course it's very likely I'm fretting about nothing.  But still, it's hard not to.

I suppose I should start this post with a warning.  Yesterday was my postpartum check and it went... not as well as I would have hoped, so if you're squeamish about things like biopsies you might want to scroll past this one.

I went to yesterday's appointment knowing that I'd had abnormal test results on the pap early in my pregnancy.  But I wasn't really worried.  After that particular doctor's appointment where a doctor who was not my doctor told me the results of the test after finishing her little spiel on how NFP doesn't work (since I wouldn't accept her offers of birth control) I'd been fearful.  She'd made the results sound pretty bad.  But then I came home and talked to other women who'd had abnormal paps and found out how common it is and I felt considerably better.

Until yesterday's appointment.  I figured we would go in and do a repeat test and wait for the results which, statistically, were very likely to be normal.  A lot of women have abnormal paps during pregnancy and then have another at the six week check and everything comes back normal.

Except after talking with me about how the recovery had gone my doctor told me about the results and said they wanted to do a test that was "kind of like a pap" and they could do it right then and there.  We walked across the office to a room with a giant microscope... and then it was almost immediately time for the colposcopy (Ouch.  Just ouch.). The colposcopy quickly turned into a biopsy because they could see problem cells (the biopsy part didn't hurt at all, just the colposcopy/vinegar part).

And so now we wait.  The doctor thinks the cells are precancerous.  He thinks that he got all of them with the biopsy and that we should be good.  This will mean more frequent check ups, but that should be it if the results are what he hopes they'll be (and what I hope they'll be).

Still, waiting is stressful... and I think that ever since the miscarriage in the second trimester I've been less able to trust statistics that tell me that everything is very likely to be okay, mostly because I was clinging to that 99% statistic when the problems started like it was a life raft.  So prayers are appreciated... and hopefully we'll get some good news soon!


  1. Oh, dear! How stressful. Prayers being sent your way.

  2. I am praying for you. I had an endometrial biopsy on Tuesday. Praying both of our biopsies come back normal.

  3. I will pray, Cammie. May the peace of Christ overcome all anxiety, particularly as we enter this holy season.

  4. So scary. Prayers headed your way!

  5. My sister had the same thing. She needed a second procedure, but that was 8 years ago and she's fine! She has had three kids since then. It was very scary, but these things are quite treatable when caught early, which you did. Praise be that you followed up.

  6. Prayers here too. It is good it was caught early and now you know to keep watch on it.


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