Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another Coupon Triumph!

Success! Today's coupon adventure added a new first to my coupon shopping experience: Today I actually made a profit from coupon shopping. The picture on the right shows my purchase. Here's how it worked.

The items at right added up to 70.95 before tax ($74.97 after tax). I had my carefully clipped coupons ready to go and barely panicked this time when I saw the price. The coupons added up to $16.75, bringing the price down to $58.22. I used the extra bucks that I'd saved up from last time and the new price was $18.70. When the cashier handed me my receipt she said that I had eleven dollars of extra bucks and I went home thinking that all of this had come to a grand total of $7.70 (including tax). A few minutes ago I glanced at my receipt and found out that there weren't $11 of extra bucks... there were $21! Which means that I made $2.30 on this purchase! And that included two things that weren't on my list: the ice pack at far right, which was on clearance for $3 and a canister of mini M&M's for Sadie!

All in all today was a coupon shopping success!

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