Thursday, July 22, 2010

Daily Dose of Cuteness: Sadie and Lucy

Sadie nursed for twenty-one months... and since Nani gave her Lucy, her American Girl Baby Doll, back in December I've wondered why Lucy only gets a bottle. I always imagined that babies who were nursed would imitate their mom's and pretend to nurse their dolls. Not Sadie. She loves the little white and pink bottle that came with Lucy (perhaps slightly more than the doll itself) and she plays with it constantly. The other day I caught her holding her sippy cup upside down trying to dump her milk into it.

It may not be a tractor, but it is one of her favorite toys!

Maybe I think it's so funny because Sadie didn't really use a bottle. It wasn't as if I was against using bottles once feeding was established. In fact, I bought a whole basket full of cute bottles to use when the time came (despite being ambushed by a woman in the bottle aisle who acted like I was committing a horrendous act by looking at that particular section). However when Sadie was two months old and I gave her expressed milk for the first time we were horrified to find that we suddenly had an extremely colicky baby who screamed for the entire afternoon and evening. The bottles were put away and I really hadn't thought much about them until now.

This time I'm not going to be giving bottles another try... but for an entirely different reason... I'm lazy. Bottles involve a lot of work... and after 22 months of nursing I've gotten the hang of it. If I can avoid boiling bottles and pumping and cut back on a little extra work, I will. Now back to Sadie and Lucy...

Lately Sadie and I have been feeding Lucy and Maggie together. And here's what our feeding sessions look like:

And if I so much as suggest that she nurse Lucy she looks at me like I am completely insane (and then brings me Lucy to feed her myself). I wonder how long it will be before I find her trying to stick that little bottle in Maggie's mouth... I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet!


  1. Toddlers might be unable to remember themselves nursing. Also, kids are normally so egocentric, they probably figure since they are using the sippy cup now, everyone else should too. Give little Sadie some credit for being bright enough to know the two of you are not similarly equipped right now. She should have given a funny look! :)

    You can always give your baby bottles to birthright, or the KofC council can use them in a fundraiser for Birthright. "Bottles for Babies". Folks drop in their spare change.

    Take care & God bless!

  2. I agree that nursing is the easiest thing. No things to pack. Just mom and baby. Available anytime (or ALL the, free, super healthy, so comforting for mom and baby, can help naturally space babies (ecological breastfeeding)...I could go on and on. :)

    However, those plastic bottles are incredibly fun to play with!


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