Sunday, July 4, 2010

Saturday Night Fun Timing Contractions

So a couple of hours the contractions started to REALLY hurt. And now our Saturday night consists of tracking them for a bit. Now I'm going to try to get a little sleep. But here's the direction that we're headed in:

8:45pm- 16 minutes
8:54pm- 9 minutes
9:16pm- 22 minutes
9:25pm- 9 minutes
9:34pm- 9 minutes
9:43pm-9 minutes
9:50pm-7 minutes
9:56pm- 6 minutes
10:02pm- 6 minutes

Yup... Paul really may get his Independence Day Baby!

This is a little reminiscent of last time. Right now I can hear the fire works they're setting off at the local park. When I went into labor with Sadie I was watching lightening and listening to thunder at the start of a storm that started over 2000 fires in our state (that made for a very unpleasant, smoky summer). Saint Elizabeth of Portugal would be neat patron saint for Maggie!


  1. Will you still have to have a c-section if you're in full on labor? I certainly hope not. That's like two for the price of one baby. Yikes!! Hope that it's not too painful for you.

  2. so exciting!!! update when you can :)

  3. :-D Can't wait to here how yall are doing! Gotta love when there's a pattern like that too. My kids had some similarities around the dates, will make a fun story when they're older.

  4. No post since Saturday...

    I am hoping and praying that everything went well and little Maggie is now in your arms.

  5. Haven't heard from you in a few days. Is Maggie on her way?


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