Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Cloth Diapering Supply List

I am still pretty excited about cloth diapers! While I started off this process to save money and cut back on the amount we were sending to the local land fill, I've been surprised to find that the actual implementation of cloth diapers in our daily life is actually positive. So while I am still very much a cloth diapering beginner I've been impatient to write a post about all that I've learned so far.

I began my cloth diapering search by reading all that I could find about the supplies that I would need to make my cloth diapering adventure successful. After asking a few questions on the Catholic Answers parenting forum, reading description after description of the diapers on a few online stores and bringing up every cloth diapering mom's blog that I could think of I decided on pre-folds. I was certainly tempted by some of the all-in-one diapers that I saw, but when it came down to it, the pre-folds sounded sturdier and I really wanted diapers that would last through more than a couple little blessings. That was added to by the fact that the price was right for pre-folds.

I spent several hours over the course of several days searching and comparing prices and finally got ready to order two dozen pre-folds from Little Lions Cloth Diapers clearance page along with a couple of diaper covers... only to find that every diaper I'd planned on ordering was sold out when I went to put in my payment information (it would have been helpful to know that a little earlier!). While I normally would have waited for new diapers to come in I wasn't sure I had the time. My due date was rapidly approaching and I really wanted the diapers to be in our house, washed and folded, when we got home from the hospital. And I wanted to practice folding! So I went back to searching and by the end of the day ordered two dozen unbleached OsoCozy DSQ Indian Prefolds and a few more covers.

Since I'd read so many positive reviews about different covers I ordered a few different covers so that we could see which one worked best for us. Soon the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap and Bummis Whisper Pant arrived in the mail. Because we were fairly sure that we were having another big baby (and we did!) I was hesitant about buying anything in a "newborn size." So far we have yet to have a "newborn" sized baby. However I did order to Bummis Whisper Pants in newborn (at $5 a piece) just in case Maggie happened to be tiny when she arrived (thankfully, at 9 lbs 1 oz, she fit right into the small sized covers). Next came a Bummis Super Brite Diaper Cover (although I didn't appreciate the fact that they substituted the pink cover I'd ordered with a ugly green one...) and a Thirsties Duo Wrap.

Then, while I was in labor, I panicked about having enough diaper covers (while timing contractions and writing a blog... talk about multi-tasking!) and ordered a Wonder Wrap and a Happy Heiny's Cover. My diaper cover stash was (for the time being) complete.

The two other (nearly) essential diapering accessories that have really made life easier were the microfleece diaper liners that I ordered (although I'm now using them to make my own out of fleece I already have) and the two Snappies that really were designed by a genius!

Thus far the Thirsties Duo Wrap is my favorite diaper cover, although none of the covers have been a disappointment (Paul asked me to add a note warning new cloth diapering moms that the cover must completely cover the cloth diaper underneath... or your just asking for trouble!).
And that is my beginning cloth diapering supply list!

I planned on writing a section on diaper folds and instructional websites tonight, but this post is already a little bit on the long side, so I will save that for my next diapering post (hopefully tomorrow if I don't fall asleep before I type it out!). Now to sleep!


  1. This is wonderful. Thank-you for sharing. I'm 5 months pregnant right now and I am all for cloth diapering. My mom did it and it saved my family thousands of dollars. Plus it had the added advantage of getting me potty trained before my brother was born (we're 17 months apart). I'm hoping to be as successful as my mother in this and I'm hoping that my husband won't have a very hard time in helping with the changing and cleaning part. I'm so glad to hear you are giving this a try.

    Have you ever tried making your own nursing pads? You know, the type that you put in your bra to prevent you leaking all over your clothing? I'm very interested in this especially when someone mentioned in a posting that you can use a flannel sheet to be economical (rather than buy flannel fabric by the yard) along with some fleece. I'm wondering how that has worked for someone. I'm not a fan of using disposable stuff because they are expensive and my skin doesn't react well to whatever chemicals they use.

    You're awesome. Thanks for the post.

  2. Hi Honey Bunny-

    I haven't tried making my own nursing pads yet. Last time I started out with cloth and leaked through several every hour and so I switched to the disposable, which actually worked better, but was expensive since I kept going through them. Right now I'm trying out LilyPadz, which are silicone and suction on to your skin. It's great for sleeping at night because they stay on with or without a bra. I still have little leaks here and there, and I'm not sure how long they'll work (there's a special cleanser that the company suggests buying but I've just been using soap and I don't know if that causes more wear and tear on them like the instructions seem to say) but so far they've been great.

    After about six months (for me anyways) once my milk supply calmed down and I was going through far less pads making cloth ones would definitely have worked better!

    Hopefully that helps!

  3. Cam- LOL about the diaper. You learn real quickly that if the inside isn't tucked in completely it will wick onto the baby's clothes. Hubby learned real fast to check the back so that wouldn't happen. He was more meticulous; I was the speed demon. But then again I had changed a lot more diapers then he ever did. Now he's a pro.

    Honey Bunny- I made my own cloth nursing pads. I used PUL backing (it's the same stuff that most cloth diaper covers are made out of) and used flannel because flannel is more absorbent. Some cloth diaper covers are made from fleece which repels. The PUL will keep the milk from wicking and the flannel with soak up the milk. You can make them with several layers of flannel depending on how much you leak. I turned and top stitched mine since I don't have a serger. You can also buy them on etsy. Wee Essentials makes them.

    If you leak a lot, I would suggest milkies. It's some sort of silicone insert that you wear in your bra that catches milk rather than absorbs it. You can either save it for the baby to drink later or you can just discard it. I don't own one because I leak very little (and right now not at all) but MK swears by it.

  4. I love cloth diapering as well! I use prefolds for the new born phase and then switch to one size pocket diapers when they are a bit older! Enjoy cloth diapering . . it is a fun experience.

  5. I've improvised with nursing pads (but not made any) - Gerber prefolds lol. I folded them into the thirds and laid across my top inside my nursing tank. Not the best but they work and are cheap. I just got some new ones from Destination Maternity that are great though.

    I love Thirsties... You know that Cam lol. My WonderWraps come in close... sometimes I even go towards liking them more (have some advantages) but Thirsties are great. What's sad is, I love snaps (esp on pockets) but I think I actually like the velcro duo's better. I got size one in snaps, and two mostly (all but 1) in velcro.

    Glad cding is going so well for you! :-D

  6. Deltaflute - I wouldn't say I swear by it lol. I haven't even done a review yet... I'm waiting until I can use it w/ a bag attached. My first experience was absolutely horrible.

  7. Very intriguing! I have a confession, having had 6 babies, I only used cloth on #4 and I was a miserable failure at it :(

    Having read and learned more about all the chemicals and nasty stuff we expose our children to everyday, and having one child that is very sensitive to chemicals, I am strongly considering cloth for #7. Amazing at 42 I am still learning more and more about natural mothering. Hopefully you can teach an old mom new tricks!


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