Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sprinklers= Summer Time Joy

With the triple digit heat here to stay for a while, it's too hot to be outside during the afternoons... however, the mornings are perfect sprinkler weather. While Sadie has been spending a lot of time in her little pool on Nani and Grumpa's front porch, she hadn't played in a sprinkler until today (Daddy is all the way across the country right now, so we're spending a lot of time at Nani and Grumpa's). It is definitely a new, favorite activity. Here are a few of the pictures from today's sprinkler adventure:

Ready. Set...



Resting and then...

More fun!

Is this blanket for drying off?

Resting after a long morning of sprinkler sprinting.

Looking up at the branches of an oak tree.

Maggie's morning.

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  1. These are adorable, thanks for sharing! I really think that Sadie has your eyes, she's getting so big!


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