Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Losing the Baby Weight: Week 2

I'm halfway there. And that means one thing... the pounds that have been falling off up until this point are about to take a dramatic dip. Eventually, once I get the go ahead from the doctor, it will mean working to get back into shape.

So far I'm 24 lbs down with 21 lbs left to go.

Of course in this case "working" to get back in shape doesn't mean anything drastic. I'll still be eating the same amount because I know that cutting back at all could be disastrous to my milk supply (when Sadie was around 10 months old I tried eating just three regular meals on Ash Wednesday... and I ended up with a screaming baby that night when my milk disappeared until the next day... so I have learned my lesson!). It just means doing something more than walking back and forth from one end of town to the other (and producing insane amounts of milk so Maggie can cluster feed 10 times in a row like she did this evening!).

I have a couple of exercise DVDs I've been dying to try out during nap time and I'd love to reintroduce plyometrics into my daily workout routine (lunges while pushing a stroller! and that sort of thing). Maybe I'll get really ambitious someday and train to run a 5k or a spring triathalon (all that toddler chasing ought to be good for those goals).

I'm counting the days until I can scoop Sadie up into my arms again. That actually seems to have been the hardest part of this whole "new baby sister" process for her. She loves Maggie and she's proud to be a big sister... but she really misses Mommy being able to pick her up and carry her around. And I miss it too!


  1. Wow! Good for you! I know it is hard not to pick up your other little one! I have had three c-sections and I know it was so hard on my two year old when my youngest was born . . . when I came home from the hospital, all he wanted me to do was pick him up! And all I wanted to do was pick him up too!

    Take care of yourself and I hope your recovery continues to go well.

  2. you're doing great!!! may you continue to be blessed :)


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