Monday, July 19, 2010

Cloth Diaper Folds: Learning As I Go!

After I stocked up on cloth diapers the next logical step in the process was to learn how to fold them. I went back to the forums and looked at the folds that had been suggested by cloth diapering moms and then I started googling. I watched quite a few YouTube videos on flat diapers (to see if I'd ever even try to use the half dozen in my possession), but found that it was easier for me to learn and follow the steps by looking at pictures. Katie's Kisses is a definite favorite. I used the drawing there to learn the basic angel wing fold, which is what we've been using so far (here's a video of it for those of you who learn more easily from watching a demonstration!). I haven't tried anything else, since that's working so well for us, but there are other folds that look easy to learn there also. The bikini twist fold on this site looks interesting too, although I haven't tried it yet (other than on Sadie's Curious George). And here's one more site with advice on folding diapers!

Do any of the cloth diapering moms out there have advice on favorite folds (and/or links for sites with explanations of folds)? What's worked best for your baby? Has anyone tried flat diapers (I have to admit that the videos of the flat diapers can seem pretty intimidating!)?


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  2. I received some flat diapers as a gift, but don't use them as diapers because I have plenty of prefolds. Instead, I've used them for all kinds of things: to cover my sourdough jar (it's pretty much the same as cheesecloth), as dishtowels, etc. The best use was to make cloth wipes. I cut them into a good size and kept them in an old wipe container, moistened with water and baby soap. The only problem is that they frayed in the wash, so I'm going to have to zigzag their edges next time. Still, saves a lot of money on wipes! Plus, I think they work a little better than disposable wipes.

  3. I just found the best video series of Cloth Diapering 101.

    She does a great job at letting you know about everything that has to do with cloth diapering: folding, types of diapers, types of diaper covers, laws and regulations (things I never knew about disposable diapering - watch part 3 of 7 at the 5:40 mark), care and maintenance of the diapers and diaper covers and different accessories. She is very clear with her instructional videos and speaks well. I thought I'd share because I am so excited about this.

    Thanks for the post.


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