Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

 Happy Easter!  I hope you all had a wonderful day!

Sadie and I spent Saturday night cleaning the house and getting ready for Easter morning.  She dyed eggs while James and I cheered her on:

And then I tucked her into bed and put the baskets together.  I'd gotten each of the kids one toy and one book (there were a few little gifts from other family members that were put out too).

Sadie got a pair of pink shoes she'd desperately wanted for months and a new Sofia the First Reader .  Maggie got a new mermaid water baby and a My First Colors Board Book (she loves labeling picture books and this has lots of brightly colored pictures).  Patch got a little fire truck with a dog in it and a My First Words Board Book for us to use during the little speech therapy sessions I'm supposed to be doing with him in between his actual sessions.  And James got a few teethers and a Peekaboo Sophie! board book.

And then, finally (at least that's how it felt to Sadie), it was Easter morning.

Maggie and I had a little disagreement about clothing choices while getting ready.  First she tried to convince me to let her wear her bathing suit to Mass. I brought up an armload of her favorite dresses and she looked at them and ran across the room and picked up a piece of bubble wrap I'd left out, because I knew she'd like playing with it, and she held it up like it was a dress and then looked at me to see if that was an acceptable choice.

After I made it clear that wasn't going to pass muster she put on a little rain jacket and came over for me to button it up.

We finally compromised and I let her have bare feet (a new thing for the girl who used to obsess over shoes) and let her wear her rain coat as long as it had a dress under it.

And for once we actually made it out the door on time.

Poor Sadie had a tough morning.

Apparently there was some cross contamination in the kitchen and she had a horrible allergic reaction to something (we're guessing wheat since it's the only food allergy that we know of that she has and because I've been making Paul sandwiches with wheat bread to take to work).

When she was getting dressed I noticed that she had hives the size of quarters on her shoulder and I quickly gave her her allergy medication... but the result was that she fell asleep pretty much as soon as we got to Mass.

Even though we can hear Mass through the speakers, she always listens with one of the little
personal listening devices.
We almost had a double wheat day when a toddler tried to feed Maggie crackers twice.

Thankfully no crackers actually passed Mae's lips, so our lives weren't turned entirely upside down.

Patch got good use out of at least some of his four favorite phrases (which are: "help me!" "no!" "get down!" and "all done!").  He did much better once Paul took over.  Mostly.

We made it all the way through the final blessing with no meltdowns (and that's kind of big on a day like Easter when the Church is so incredibly full):

After lunch it was time to hide the eggs for the egg hunt.

Last year Mae was all about finding eggs.  This year she was all about one particular egg (that looked like a monkey).

James watched from the Moby.  Grumpily.

Maggie shows me her favorite egg!

And since I actually got a picture of today's outfit I thought I'd throw it in her for What I Wore Sunday.  Today I wore one of my favorite dresses and shoes I've had since before Maggie was born:

I hope you had a blessed Holy Week and a Happy Easter!


  1. Your dress is so cute! Love that wrap.

  2. Love the dress! And the shoes! It's a whole retro type package! Happy Easter to you and your family!


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