Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Maggie's Frogs

Every time we leave our house walking west I look for frogs.

Ever since the day when Maggie stared signing frog on our walk I've wondered what it was exactly that she saw.

I'd wondered if it was something in the floral shop we were walking by at the time, but while there were beautiful flowers and chicks and bunnies for Easter I didn't spot a single frog.  

Today I was pushing the stroller with the kids in it to Sadie's OT session when I happened to look down and saw this:

Maggie's frogs were there all along, I just wasn't looking down low enough to spot them.  I hadn't thought to look at the ground, since she was way up high in the carrier on my back that day, but apparently they caught her eye!


  1. That is so cute too. I like Maggie's frogs.

    One of mine kept saying she wanted toy tools but ones that work like real ones. I finally figured out she wants her own tools to use-- but since we always have told her, "no, not a toy" to explain things she is not to mess with, she decided she needed toys that were the same as the real thing, real tools that were toys so she could have them to use. It took me days to figure that one out.

  2. yeah for Maggie! That is quite the statue, no wonder it caught her attention. LOL!


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